Mia and Harry Final scan

Here is the final scan of Mia and Harry!

Now we are in our new studio and work is going well I am aiming to be more organised with our social media! Hopefully there will be a photo of each of our work stations every day or so for clients to see some candid photos taken on the iPad of us working in the studio. I will be posting photos here on the blog taken with the studio camera of the artwork in more detail.

We mainly use facebook and each have our own dedicated page, although we do have google+ and Twitter which we use occasionally. If you were over on Nick’s Facebook page this morning you would have seen a photo of both of the Mia and Harry paintings together along with Jack’s canvas which is all prepared waiting for Nick to start today. As soon as I have the first stage I will post photos here in a few days time.

Nick’s Facebook >>

I also posted a photo of Dizzy which is coming along well on my facebook page. Come on over and ‘Like’ our pages to keep up with our daily studio pics!

Melanie’s Facebook >>


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