Happy Clients Ted and Janice

Welcome to our post all about happy clients Ted and Janice. Ted is a returning client of ours and such a lovely man. We love him so much. He is a wonderful person to know, completely genuine. We have been honoured to work with him and Janice over the years. Janice, his partner is very lovely too. One evening when we went out for a meal I was taken quite poorly afterwards. Janice looked after me very well! It must have been the food but every one else was fine. I did have the Salmon though.

Ted and Janice have commissioned us to create some lovely portraits for them over the years and this portrait in particular was one fo our favourites. Nicholas painted their horse Ballycastle King along with their racing stripes too. Ted and Janice visited our studio to collect Ballycastle King, along with two prints also.

The portraits were a success. We all went out for a meal to celebrate at a local hotel. Thankfully the food was fine this time. It has been around 6 years since we did the last paintings for them so it was lovely to catch up and we had a fabulous evening. I have added the photos onto our testimonials page, you can see them all here – Happy Clients >>

Happy Clients Ted and Janice

Happy Clients Ted and Janice

Happy Clients Ted and Janice

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    […] Ted and his partner Janice traveled all the way to Wales to collect their painting. We love seeing both Ted and Janice, such a lovely couple and really lovely people. Nicholas and myself always head out for a meal locally with them, so it is very special when we meet up. We always have a great time! If you would like to see photos of both Ted, Janice and Nicholas, head on over to their blog page here – Happy Clients Ted and Janice. […]


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