Les and Alfie pet portrait framed….

The pet portrait of Les and Alfie is framed! We love the overall feel and look of the painting and really hope it will be a very special day when the painting is presented by our clients to the recipient, Les.

The portrait has been framed in the traditional Flat frame, which is one of our longest running and favourite framed. We particularly like this moulding as it is traditional wood being matched with a beautiful wheat coloured inner linen slip.

The slip works gorgeously with this moulding and the hessian texture almost mimics the texture of the linen canvas. The colour is very natural too and works well with the colours in the painting. You can see this in the first photo below where Nicholas has painted the natural soft tones of the ground. I have added a really close up image too, so our readers can see it in closer detail.

I have added the photos of les and Alfie framed to our framing gallery already. I seem to be quite up to date with the framing section but a little behind on our galleries, however all of the recent portraits we have been creating will be online soon!

Nicholas has been working on a new painting today of a beautiful dog called Cinega and I will follow up this post with the first stages.


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