New stages of Cinega

We hope that everyone had a lovely weekend! Nicholas has been busy painting Cingea while I have been at the cottage putting the kitchen back into some kind of normality! The dishwasher has been going constantly to clean all of the crockery and the majority of things are now away in cupboards. We still have lots of work to do in the kitchen however we can at least use everything as normal.

The builders are coming again today to do some more lime pointing and we think it will be the main builders last day tomorrow. Our friends who are doing our woodwork, plumbing and electrics will be with us for a few weeks yet. But its all coming along well.

I have three more photos of Cingea below, they have come out a little dark however hopefully you will be able to see how the painting is coming along. isn’t she looking gorgeous. I just love her eye. I hope to have some more stages later today and of course the final scan will show the colours much better soon. Also the frame should be arriving today too! More posts to follow!

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