Pet Portrait of Winnie, Ralph, Twiglet & Ella

Lesley commissioned me to draw their four dogs in montage style as a surprise for her husbands birthday. Two of their dogs have sadly passed away  – Winne the Labrador and Ralph the Border Terrier. They wanted them portrayed in the same drawing with their current dogs, their gorgeous Dachshund Twiglet and their Labrador Ella. Photos of Winnie and Ralph were limited, however I used the best photos from Lesley’s collections to bring together a composition showing Winnie and Ralph together behind and Twiglet and Ella in the foreground.

The drawing was an 18 x 14 size portrait on Italian Fabriano paper and was sent to Lesley last week. This gives enough time for the drawing to be framed by her local framer before the special birthday arrives. Lesley emailed this quick note before she headed off to the framers. We are looking forward to seeing which kind of frame she chooses in the coming weeks!


Hi Melanie

The portrait has arrived safely and looks great. About to dash off to the framer and will send you a photo once it’s complete. Many thanks – it looks great!





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