On The Easel – Lulu

Here is a full example of a portrait in progress with lots of stages. All of our clients received stages like this via email. This portrait is of the gorgeous Lulu and we hope you like the end result!

Very early stage after drawing Lulu on the canvas
Blocking in stage to cover the canvas with basic tones and shapes.
The whole canvas is now covered.
Starting to add colour and base tones to the eyes.
Gradually adding more tones.
The background has now been added allowing the light white tones of Lulu to stand out.
Full photo of the portrait to show the background.
Adding detail to the background.
Here you can see Nicholas has started to add detail around Lulu’s head.
Full photo of Lulu at this stage.
Adding detail to Lulu’s collar.
Here you can see more detail has been added to Lulu’s coat and tail.
Adding detail to Lulu’s white muzzle
Final details.
Close up photo of detail.
Detail on the tail.
Detail on Lulu’s coat
The full portrait.

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