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Video of Violet and Gil, Charlie and Rooney

Here as promised is the video of Violet and Gil, Charlie and Rooney. They are two portraits of 10 x 8 and one portrait of 18 x 14 size. The portraits were commissioned by Marcella, USA. They were for her family as gifts for Christmas. I took the opportunity of taking some video of all three pencil portraits. Especially while…

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Pet Portraits Video of Chico and Amber

Welcome to my latest pet portraits video of Chico and Amber. The video shows the portraits close up and in detail while I narrate. Each painting was commissioned by returning clients of their dog and horse. Nicholas Beall traditionally hand painted the portraits in oils. They were framed by one of our amazing framers and you can see the frames…

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Video of Milly & Molly & Purdy

Here is the video of Video of Milly & Molly & Purdy. You may have already see the paintings of the cats on their respective pages. Also the posts about happy cleints! I will add links below to them. I hope you enjoy watching the video of the frame cat portraits. You can see Milly and Molly’s Portrait on their…

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