Final scan of Puff

Here is the final scan of Puff! its a 16 x 16 oil on Italian Linen canvas and Puff’s fur looks so soft in the painting here in the studio, just superb!  Im taking the painting to Jane this morning and its going to be framed in the subtle bronze moulding. As soon as Its ready and I collected it, I will take more photos and show them here. Lots more posts and studio news to follow!


Next stages of Puff

Here are the next stages of Puff’s portrait. What a beautifully fluffy cat! It really feels as though you can touch the fluffy fur on the canvas while the portrait is here on Nicholas’ easel. The painting is very nearly complete and I should have a final scan very soon…along with a final scan of moo….and our updated website news too! Stay Tuned!!



First stages of Puff

Here are the very first stages of Puff! The portrait is a 16 x 16 oil painting on Linen canvas and it is for clients based in the USA. The painting is quite a bit more ahead than I have posted below and its looking amazing on Nicholas’ easel, so i will be posting more stages very soon. I have lots of photos still on the camera yet to be put over to the iMac.

Its been very busy here in the studio, I have now finished Moo’s portrait and we have had clients visit top collect paintings plus lots more so stay tuned and posts will follow! :)



Secret Portrait Scanned

Nicholas has completed the large 36 x 26 painting of the two labs and here is a section. It is now with Jane our framer who is framing the painting with the Gold Dots moulding. As soon as Its back Ill take some photos and video. Ill post a corner of the painting to show the frame and the video will be posted along with a final scan in the coming weeks, hopefully when the painting has been given to the recipient :) We hope you like it…even though its only s snippet!


Duffy – Home & framed!

The portrait Nicholas recently painted of Duffy has now arrived safely to our clients. It’s framed and is now hanging in situ in our clients home. Beth very kindly took some photos of the painting and we can’t thank Beth enough for doing that for us! We absolutely love the frame, a beautiful chunky dark wood, with detailing around both inner and outer edges. The natural colour works extremely well with the painting and I will be adding it to our testimonials page very soon!
We love our picture of Duffy… It looks so much like him, I cried when I put it up. Duffy is now right back in the middle of our house, so you can see him every time we pass through to our family room, master bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. It is the perfect place as this is where Duffy always stayed when taking down time… Allowing him to keep an eye on all of us as we went on our way.
Thank you!!!

happy-clients1 happy-clients

Some website updates

I have been doing a few website updates recently, I have tweaked our footer bar so that hopefully its easier to read and get in contact with us from there. I have also made our contact page a little more simple and in general have been trying to streamline things so that our pages are easier to find and navigate.

I have also moved our client list page and have found a new plugin to allow me to create a line of thumbnails in a sticky post above on our studio diary. I was never happy with taking them away from the Studio Diary however it was a necessity when we made our website mobile friendly. I have now found an easy way to show it here and if you hover over the images you can read about the commission and you can click to see the full image.

The other big change is that we have moved away from soley using Paypal and although we still accept it, we have moved back to Worldpay who we were with about 8 years ago. We can still accept all cards, secure payments on our website, secure payments over the phone but we also can now send a link in an email for secure card payment :) We are PCI compliant too which is fabulous.

We are always on the lookout for customer feedback so if you have any suggestions on our site please do let us know. We would love to hear from you!

More to follow, some wonderful client photos on their way :)


Studio Diary

Welcome to our pet portraits client list. We place all of our pet portrait commissions here for our clients to view. The oil client list for Nicholas is at the top and the pencil drawing client list for myself is below. All of our clients are able to watch their commissioned pet portrait move along in our client lists as the weeks and months progress.

Nicholas' Client List

Melanie - Client List