Rose Framed!

Here are the photos of Rose framed in the Decorative Pine frame with plaque. I am so pleased how this portrait has come out and I will be adding it to our website in the next round of updates in January. The colour of the photos are very warm as I took the photos in the studio yesterday afternoon when it has got dark, so it was under all of our studio lighting, however hopefully you will be able do see what its like. Im just off to pack this up now and then out to the framers again to pick up the pencil portrait of Dean. More photos to follow :)

pencil-pet-portrait-montage-framed-3pencil-pet-portrait-montage-framed-7 pencil-pet-portrait-montage-framed-6 pencil-pet-portrait-montage-framed-5 pencil-pet-portrait-montage-framed-4  pencil-pet-portrait-montage-framed-2 pencil-pet-portrait-montage-framed-1

Final Scan of Ariel

Here is the final scan of Ariel. She is an oil on Italian linen Canvas at 16 x 13 size. She is currently drying here in the studio and then she will be framed in the gold swept frame. Its going to look wonderful! I will of course posts photos and hopefully a video when its all complete. Nick has been working on the double portrait of Biscuit and Cookie for the last few days and its coming along really well, so I will have photos soon.

Im on a day of admin here, blogging, scanning portraits, packing drawings, visiting Jane our framer and emailing clients. Its all go! So there will be lots more blog posts to follow…stay tuned!


First Stages of Ariel

Here are the first stages of Ariels portrait, being painted in oils one Italian linen canvas by Nicholas. Its a bespoke size of 16 x 13 and is looking so lovely here in the studio, i can’t wait to see it in its swept frame too. Ill have another stage probably by Monday :)





New drawing Desk and Lighting

I am very excited as I have taken delivery of my new desk and drawing light recently and they are a dream to work with. I use to work on an easel, particularly when I did oil paintings, however now for the last number of years specialising in pencil drawings, I have become increasingly aware that my needs have changed. My old easel light wasn’t really a strong enough light so i had other lights in the room to compensate and I often wanted the opportunity to work at more of an angle which my easel didn’t allow.

So I have invested in a new photography light, the same one as Nicholas uses, which is a dimable led light with a diffuser and its perfect! I then ordered a drawing table which can either lay flat or at varying increments. It is primarily a draftsman’s table as it has the pulley system with ruler which I am finding very useful for keeping artwork in place, leaning on – or laying my pencils and putty eraser on :)  I am so thrilled with my new set up and it is a pleasure to sit at my desk.

I hope you like the photos below, if you look closely in the first one you can see Lily, our Tibetan Terrier there too! Lily always sits on my chair when I get up, she sleeps in her crate by my feet, however she always has one eye open to make sure I’m not too far away. If I get up, the chair is a much better vantage point to see what I’m doing! We also recently put up some fairy lights around our beams and I hope to keep them there all year around. Its lovely to have them sparkling in the evening when its dark outside, we love our mood lighting while working as it makes the studio a cosy place to be :)




Dean – Montage final scan

Im a little behind on my blog postings this week, manly due to it being really busy here in the studio. I have been working at my ‘desk’ (hint – blog post to follow!) getting my christmas commissions completed, so there is less time for admin. There is always lots of admin to do but at this time of year it does slip a little, as most importantly we have to get all of our drawings and paintings done for deadline.

Dean, my latest pencil montage below is for a returning client. Its now complete and i have taken a photo with pencils for scale. I have delivered both Dean and Rose, my previous horse montage, to Jane the framer and we hope to collect them early next week. Rose will be having a plaque fitted and then they will be packed ready to send to the recipients, Rose for the uk and Dean to the US.

I have already started my next portrait which is of two lovely cats and then I have one more montage to complete before christmas. it is for a birthday just after christmas so it will heading off to Norway very soon. So i will be working right up to the last minute this year. Hopefully there will be some very happy recipients on and around christmas.

Nick is working on the portrait of Ariel and there will be lots of stages to follow, more blog posts later!

montage-pencil-pet-portraits montage-pencil-pet-portraits-1

Milo’s Video

Here is a video we took of Milo just before packing the painting. The size is 50″ x 44″ opposed to the 50″ x 40″ as mentioned in the video. We hope you like it!

Milo’s Packing Crate

Here is Milo being packed very carefully into our bespoke packing crate. Our carpenter very cleverly designed a box to hold the painting in place without it falling forward touching the lid.

You can see in the first and second photo the painting will sit in and be held steady by the inner frame. We also lined the inside with foam wrap to add a little protection.

Once the painting was placed into the box, you can see that Nicholas is screwing the batons in place which hold the painting to stop it falling forward. We wrapped the batons in cellophane so no wood was touching the front of the canvas.

We then covered the lid with cellophane and screwed the lid in place. Our carpenter also added handles on the sides of the crate in the final photos, which are absolutely wonderful and made it very easy to carry. He even supplied a screw driver to go along with the crate for easy access on delivery.

We are happy to have our carpenter make a bespoke box for your oil painting for transit, do let us know when ordering so we can make arrangements for you.