Final scan of Lincoln

Here is the final scan of Lincoln. This is a 14 x 14 oil on linen canvas painted by Nick. I really love our square portraits, they look fabulous and the overall presentation of them work so well. They are both contemporary and traditional at the same time. We hope you like this one. I will have a final scan of Willow soon and also photos of Ballyscatle King too!


Next stages of Lincoln

Here are the next stages of Lincoln. Nick is painting as we speak and I should have a final scan by the weekend. We also now have the amazing frame for the painting of Ballycastle King and its all here in the studio ready to be photographed. I will be posting photos very soon!!!



Truffie’s Portrait framed!

We have just received these wonderful photos from our client of Truffie’s portrait all framed and hanging in situ. Aren’t they fantastic! I am going to be adding them to our website this week – can’t wait! We would officially like to thank Dawn for taking the time to photograph the painting and send them to us. We hope you like them too!

Hi Nicholas and Melanie

I have now got Truffie’s portrait framed and hanging on my wall.  As promised here are some shots of it hanging and some close ups showing the frame for use on your website.

I chose a dark and gold frame as it really brings out the tones of his painting plus the linen slip with gold edging highlights the brighter tones.

I am absolutely thrilled at how his painting turned out. Hope you like the pictures.

Take care, best wishes

Dawn xx

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Duffy Final Scan

Here is Duffy’s final scan :)  The painting is a 12 x 10 on linen canvas and will be sent off to our client in the USA this coming week. We hope you like it! Nick is working on Lincoln today and Ill have another stage for you tomorrow.


Next stage of Duffy

Here is Duffy’s next stage! We have been working the weekend, mainly as we had a couple of days off last week to see friends. Its great to be able to work on flexi time. Its been a really lovely weekend here in the studio and we have both got quite a bit done. I hope to have a final scan of Duffy on Monday and then Nick will be continuing on with Lincoln’s portrait next week so ill have another stage of that too. Im now working on a surprise portrait for a clint to give as a 1st wedding anniversary of a dog called Willow and I hope to ahve a final scan by the end of this week.  So another busy week coming up, stay tuned!


Next Stage of Duffy

Here is the next stage of Duffy. Its looking beautiful here in the studio as Nick is gradually adding all of the fine fur and detail over Duffy’s face. It will be an ever lasting memory for Duffys owners when Nick has competed. Another stage to follow tomorrow!


Shep Final Scan

Here is Sheps final scan! Shep was drawn on a 16 x 12 Italian Fabriano paper and will be heading off to his owner this coming week. I will follow up this post with another stage of Duffy’s portrait. its emceeing along beautifully.