Ginger & Maggie First Stages

Here are the first stages of Ginger and Maggie’s painting which Nicholas is currently working on as I type! Its an 18 x 14 oil painting and our client and myself spent a lot of time working out the composition and how the painting was going to be. Sadly Ginger is no longer with us and Maggie, her sister, misses her terribly. Our client wanted them depicted in the painting showing their closeness, along with their favourite toy mouse.

Nicholas is painting them very carefully and delicately, creating their beautiful soft flowing fur and capturing their togetherness. Its going to be beautiful when its complete. I will be adding more photographs of the painting tomorrow, so keep checking back.





Kewlia’s Video

Here is the video I took of Kewlia’s painting framed. ‘Kewlia’ is a 14 x 14 oil painting on Italian Linen canvas wrapped on a hardwood (tulipwood) support. The painting is framed in our Chelsea City range in gold with a leaf decoration in the corners.

We are thrilled with how the portrait has come out and we love the frame, its a new one in our range and we can supply it in any colour for future clients.

The painting has arrived with our client and it will be presented to the very lucky recipient next week. Our client emailed the quote below. We hope that you love the painting and enjoy the video!

Hi Melanie and of course Nicholas
She arrived safely, I can’t tell you how much I love it you have really captured Kewlia, i can’t wait to see my daughters face when she sees the painting she has no idea, but her husband who sent the photo that you used has been following the progress and thinks it’s magnificent as I do, I can’t thank you enough. I will let you know her reaction and send you a photo of it certainly when it is in situ.Thank you so much I just love it.
Rosie xx

Daisy Final Scan

Here is the final scan of Daisy, who has been drawn to the size of 20 x 16. What a beautiful dog, I really enjoyed drawing her and I hope that it will be a wonderful surprise for the recipient. It will hopefully be wending its way over to the USA this week.


Kewlia Framed

Here are the photos of Kewlia in the Chelsea City frame. We have added it to our range as we absolutely love it. It is a mid gold with decorative corners. The back has been built up to cover the entire depth of the canvas so that when the painting is dsiplayed on your wall, looking from the side you only see frame and not the canvas behind. (The bottom photo illustrates this well). We really hope you like this one, we think it looks stunning!







Kewlia Final Scan

Here is the final scan of Kewlia, a 14 x 14 oil painting on Italian Linen Canvas. We have already taken some photos of the painting in the frame which I will post here next, the frame is just beautiful!


Maggie and Max Framed

Here are photos of Maggie and Max as promised. They look so serene within the painting and the colour of the frame works beautifully! We hope that it will be the most wonderful surprise this christmas for the recipient.