Julie and her dogs Brighton and London

We have both been very busy in the studio over the last week, I have been drawing Milo and Nick has been working between two paintings, Julie and her dogs Brighton and London and the portrait of Joey. The first to be blogged is Julie with Brighton and London which I have added the first stages below. Joey’s coming up next :)




Final Scan of Mojito

Here is the final scan of Mojito. I have drawn him in pencil at 10 x 10 size. He is the cutest little dog ever and the photos of him as a puppy are just gorgeous! Hopefully this will be sent off in the next few days as its for a special gift on the 25th.


Curly’s Pet Portrait – Happy Clients

We have received the most beautiful letter accompanied by two fabulous photos from Curly’s family of Tracy with the portrait of Curly and their dog Sarah. I have added a dedicated page for Curly in our Testimonials section on our website and added a snippet of Tracy’s email along with the photos below. My particular favourite photo is the top photo of Tracy holding Sarah and the camera caught her with her tongue out :) We are so thrilled that Tracy and her family are delighted with the painting and we cant thank them enough for sending the photos, which have made a great addition to our website. We hope that our clients and readers enjoy viewing them too :)


Dear Melanie, Nick and Lily,

……………….As you know, we received the portrait just two weeks after the day marking the first anniversary of Curly’s passing and receiving the portrait was extremely emotional.  When I opened the package and saw Curly’s face, so lovely and warm, I was immediately overcome with tears.

I thank you so very much for creating a stunning portrait of Curly.  My family will cherish this portrait for the rest of our lives.  You’ve also created a portrait which everyone who knew Curly, from our extended family of friends to the women who runs the rescue organization in California (The Brittany Foundation), that brought Curly into our life, can appreciate and admire forever………………………

Tracy Maguire

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Rabbit Pencil Pet Portraits…

Here are the rabbits! I have been drawing them over the last couple of weeks and they are now being whisked off to the US to the recipient so they can be framed to give as a special gift to the rabbits owner. It was quite a tricky one to compose as not all of the rabbits get on and so photos of them separately were provided with the request for them to all be sitting together. I think its turned out quite nicely and so I hope the recipient is pleased.

The BT saga continues, after being on technical support again yesterday they have decided to send an engineer out and they will be here Wednesday between 8am and 1pm so fingers crossed this time tomorrow the new studio will be finally online! We haven’t given out our new telephone number out officially yet as I am monitoring how many cold / recorded calls we are receiving as I know all of the numbers are recycled. So far in the last two weeks we have had Laithwaites wines and solar panels. I will monitor it for another couple of weeks and if all is well I will add it to the website and announce it here.

After having a full day of admin yesterday along with packing up portraits I am pleased to say this afternoon I can finally get back to my easel. I’m starting to draw Mojito for a client in the US. I am fully booked for Christmas portraits now, I really cant squeeze anyone else in and of course Nick has been fully booked for a while, so we are currently booking in clients for February and May respectively.

Stages of Julie and the dogs to follow.

rabbit pencil pet portraits (1) rabbit pencil pet portraits (2) rabbit pencil pet portraits (3)

Merchant of Dubai Video

Here is the latest video, I took it just before lunch and have uploaded it for everyone to see both here and on our website. I think I’m getting the hang of them, but I’m not sure about the quality of the videos which have been filmed on the ipad and uploaded to You Tube. I’m seeing them as very low res, however it could have something to do with our slow connection speed.

Talking of BT, still no broadband in the studio, rang them this morning and after lots of tests, there is something wrong and they are sending an engineer out. What a surprise that its now Friday, I’m sure nothing will be done till next week! Never mind, at least we can still connect via the cottage! They made me laugh though as upon speaking to their technical support, one of the first questions asked was, ‘had we ordered Infinity’. When i replied no, we can only get a speed of 0.8mbs here the reply was a very low..ohh dear!! I think we do pretty well to run an online business with a speed of 0.8. When we eventually get superfast broadband in our area, hopefully next year, we will be whizzing along!

Hope you like the video!

Merchant of Dubai Framed

Here are the photos of Merchant of Dubai framed. The portrait is just exquisite here in the studio. Today it has been pouring with rain and really windy outside, I expect you can just about see the grey colour through the studio window from the first photo below. It has been quite difficult to take photos of the portrait. I have so many lights on in the studio, I have probably knocked our village out today! With the three flat panel ceiling lights, the corner lamp, the photography lights and of course Nick with his super duper lamp above his easel, it should really have been light enough to take photos! Nothing can ever beat a beautiful sunny day for photography but hopefully they show the painting well enough so clients can see how lovely it looks. I have added the framed photos to our framing gallery already and Merchant of Dubai will be packed up and sent as soon as Nick has cut the hardboard ready for me to pack it in the next few days.

Our broadband is still not up and running. The hub is emitting an ominous red glow, so I will be calling BT again tomorrow if it hasn’t been switched on. I’m still connecting to the internet all the way from our little cottage up the garden :) so thank goodness for some kind of connectivity!

I will be posting a final scan of the 4 gorgeous rabbits tomorrow and then back at my easel for my next drawing so another post to follow tomorrow!

merchant-of-dubai-framed (1)

merchant-of-dubai-framed (2)

merchant-of-dubai-framed (3)

merchant-of-dubai-framed (4)


Merchant of Dubai

Here is the final scan, some close up photos and the stages of the commission Merchant of Dubai. The portrait is absolutely stunning and we whisked it off to Jane’s this morning to be framed. As soon as we collect later in the week I will take further photos and video. I have been working on the website in the last few days and Merchant of Dubai’s painting is online already on our websites and I will be updating the page with framing later in the week.

Nick is currently at his easel drawing out Julie and the two dogs, so i will have the first stages by mid week and I am nearly finished with the four rabbits, scan coming later this week also. Its very busy here as you can see!

More BT news, it turned out the BT engineer didn’t leave here till gone 9pm on Friday! Hopefully our dedicated broadband line will be up and working by end of play today and the new telephone number seems to be working ok as I have been ordering supplies and talking to clients on it already today. So once everything is up and running properly, I will be announcing the new contact number here very soon. This means clients will have the option to call either our mobile or our landline :)


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Tequilla – Donny is framed!

We have just collected Tequilla’s portrait from Jane the framer and it looks absolutely stunning! It is extremely impressive here in the studio and the Traditional Flat frame goes beautifully with the colours within the painting. The plaque is particularly fabulous, have a look at the second photograph below.Overall this is going to look utterly amazing in the cleints home and I am certain will be quite a talking point for family and friends who visit.

My first job tomorrow (Monday) is to pack Tequlla and get it ready for sending out. Packing the paintings usually take me around about an hour to pack, but i think due to the size, its going to be slightly longer. Plenty of bubble wrap will be used definitely! :)

pet portraits framed (2)

pet portraits framed (4)

pet portraits framed (3)

pet portraits framed (1)

Amosite’s stages and final scan

Here is the final scan of Amosite. The portrait was completed in September for a birthday surprise in October, and so we were unable to add it to our website or blog it until now. The portrait has been presented to the recipient and it was a wonderful birthday surprise, the recipient was delighted!

The oil painting is 20 x 16 and was painted in oils on linen canvas by Nick. I have collated below the final scan, the framed images and the stages of the painting are below that. I have also added the portrait on our horse portraits website and on Facebook. I have a video to post also, I took it just before I packed the portrait up, I haven’t watched it back yet so I am hoping that it is good enough to post too :D

We have had quite an exciting day here in the studio as our new telephone line and broadband is being put in today. Its actually very windy outside, although very warm but BT this afternoon have been up ladders and on a cherry picker in the lane by the telephone pole. Would you believe its nearly 7pm, pitch black and they are still working at it – what a long job at this time of year! They will soon be putting the final bits and bobs in the studio, that will be their last job of the day and im sure they will be glad to get home. I have been in the studio from around 7 this morning, kind of on call if they need anything while Nick is finishing his painting and so instead of drawing I have been working on our websites as its easier to dip in and out of. Although it has been a long day I have got an awful lot done!

Nick has completed the painting of Merchant of Dubai, I will have all the stages and final scan on here tomorrow and it will hopefully be whisked off to Jane the framer next week. Also we are picking up Tequilla tomorrow so photos to follow of that too! Busy, Busy!

Oh and finally….Happy Halloween!  :D



Here are the stages of Amosite…..








Final scan of Tequilla

Here is the final scan of Tequilla (Donny) which Nick has just completed. Its ready to take to Jane to be framed and the engraved plaque has arrived this morning so its good timing! As soon as its been okayed by our client I will be whisking it down to Jane’s.

The tail end of the storm hit here yesterday and it was extremely windy. We were slightly worried about the trees around our studio but everything is still standing and we were both able to spend the entire day down here which was great. It was lovely and cosy in the studio considering how cold and windy it was outside. I have a feeling we are in for quite a hard winter so im glad we are prepared!

Another blog post to follow with the first stages of Nicks next painting, Merchant of Dubai.


Rosie’s Portrait Complete

Here is Rosie’s portrait a 12 x 10 drawing that I have just completed. Hopefully it will be whisked off to its owner and recipient this week!