Misty’s Pet Portrait

Here is the final scan of Misty. The portrait is going off this week to be framed by Jane our framer. As soon as its back here I will take some photos and video. its a beautiful portrait, really stunning, Nick has worked hard as usual :) More posts to follow!


Kara’s Video

Here is Kara’s video. As promised I am hoping a slightly more professional video using a different camera on the tripod with a lot less shake but I am still experimenting! The camera used is our studio canon camera that we take photos with but I’m still not quite happy as the resolution is less than the iPad, although it did focus quite well. So more experimenting will be done with the next painting!

Kara’s Portrait Framed

Here are the photos of Kara’s portrait framed for a returning client. The portrait has been framed by Jane our local framer and our client requested the same frame as the last oil portrait they had Nicholas┬ápaint of Charlie. We love the way this painting has turned out and the frame is just perfect! I have taken a number of photos of the portrait today which I have added below and I have also taken a video – so a post will follow of the video too!





Final Scan of Bix

I have been doing a bit of overtime in the studio as you can see from the portrait below and this is for a special birthday tomorrow! It was a final dash to get to the post office yesterday and as I was completing the transaction at one minute to 5, the post collection lady walked in through the door! Phew! :D