Christopher Framed with his Print…

Here is Christopher’s portrait framed along with his 12 x 10 stretched canvas print. I have added the prints photos on the prints page, the framed portrait on our framing page and everything together on Christopher’s page. He is wending his way across the pond on Monday and hopefully will be with his owners very soon. We are really pleased with the frame and plaque, this is another bronze plaque, definitely our favourite!

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Jenkins Framed Portrait

Here is Jenkins framed along with his plaque. I am thrilled with how the portrait has turned out and he will be off to his owner this week. I have added him to the framing gallery and Jenkins’ webpage and I have to say bronze is fast becoming our favourite colour for plaques. The text is very readable and its a very subtle colour, complimenting the frames and artwork well. We also have quite a few mouldings that are suitable for plaques now. If you are thinking about having one for your portrait just let us know. Each plaque is approximately £40 depending how much text you require.

More posts to follow!

pencil pet portraits framed (2) pencil pet portraits framed (3) pencil pet portraits framed (1)

Noodles framed

Here is the lovely portrait of Noodles framed. The plaque is a bronze plaque which works really well with the frame. I have already added Noodles framed portrait to our website and you can see it in the framing gallery. Its off to Australia as we speak so fingers crossed it arrives safely next week.

pet-portraits-framed pet-portraits-framed1 pet-portraits-framed2

Nancy, Doris and Swift portrait complete

Here is the final scan of Nancy, Doris and Swift portrait. It was a 16 x 16 pencil portrait and will be heading to North Wales very soon. It is currently with Jane our framer and I will take photos when the portrait is back in the studio.

I have been doing lots and lots of admin today and a lot more to come! I packed and posted three portraits this morning so they are on their way which is great. It always is sad to say goodbye to portraits that we have created and lived with over the weeks, but happy to know they will be soon with their new owners.

More blog posts to follow…. :)


New Pet Portraits Gift Vouchers now available!

We are really excited to present our new Pet Portraits Gift Voucher packs.

As you can see from the photos below, I have had fun doing a bit of shopping as well as overhauling our pet portraits gift voucher webpage! I can now present our gift vouchers in a much more professional and appealing way as I found some superb quality, deep purple presentation boxes, which I thought would be perfect to present our gift voucher material in. I have coupled the presentation boxes with some ivory satin ribbon and had a personalised stamp made for our new labels.

I have had a lot of fun putting it all together, I feel I have been quite creative in my set up and am really looking forward to selling them to our pet portraits clients on our website. I’m sure recipients will be thrilled, I know I would be very impressed if I were to receive one myself. We hope that our clients and readers like them!

New Pet Portraits Gift Voucher Page >>



New Pencil Domain Name!

As some of you may have noticed there have been quite a few changes with our websites this year. We have done a lot of planning over the last few months and finally everything is coming into place. All of the websites have had an overhaul and the are running quite smoothly now which is great. I have set up new social media for both Nick and myself under Facebook and Google+ so that we can add candid shots from the studio separate to the things that are on our Studio Diary here.

The final piece in the puzzle is a new domain name for my pencil portraits. I am now solely concentrating on only graphite pencil, having done most of the mediums for commission over the years, I have found that graphite is the best medium for me. So hence having a new domain. So you can find me at

My sites are still integrated into our other websites so you will always be able to find me :)

New social media buttons……

I have been updating the website over the weekend and have redesigned the bottom of our website to include both mine and Nicks social media buttons. As I have tried to show in the image below, the buttons are grey as default, however when you hover over them, they are red for Google+ and blue for Facebook!

I have left space to grow just in case we decide to add another social media to our list in the future. There are many out there but the more you take on the more time consuming it becomes. If any of our clients and readers feel we should try a different form of social media, just drop us a line.


Melanie’s New Google+ Page!

I now finally have my very own Google+ page. If you are on Google+ you are more than welcome to add me.

I will hopefully be adding more candid style photos taken from my iPad uploaded via the app, which I’m hoping is going to be much easier than doing it the old fashioned way of using our SLR camera, putting it into the pc and them uploading form there, its certainly much faster! Also candid shots aren’t as important for quality, more as a general snap to show what’s happening here in the studio.

I hope you enjoy following me! Melanie’s Google+ >>


Google Plus – Nicholas’s new page!

I have now set up a new Google+ page for Nicholas’s oil pet portraits. You can access it from the link below. If you are on Google+ please do add Nick as we will add you back. I will be hopefully sharing candid photos from the studio weekly that are less likely to be seen on our Studio Diary blog.

I will be setting up a Google+ page of my own for my pencil portraits very soon!


Nicholas’s New Facebook Page!

A some of our readers may know I have been setting up new social media pages for both mine and Nicks artwork and I posted recently about my pencil portraits Facebook page. I now have over 350 likes which is just wonderful.

Nicks new page is called Oil pet Portraits and it can be found at the link below. I have only just set his page up so we have 90 likes so far, so if you are on Facebook, pop on over and ‘Like our page and share if you can. We would like to spread the word about our new pages as our joint page will be closed in a few weeks time.


Pencil Pet Portraits Final scan of Jenkins

Here is Jenkins, my latest pencil pet portrait, i hope you all like him. I have added some stages of my work below for clients to see my drawing process. I haven’t been taking photos of stages in the past, partly due to time constraints, plus my old camera didn’t seem to take good photos of my pencil artwork. We have a new camera now, a cannon EOS 1100 which seems to handle the lighting in our studio much better. I also have a new easel lamp which is on a stand next to my easel and also have a new easel too which is more sturdy than my last one so overall my set up is much better now.

I’m just off to take this portrait and Nicks latest oil painting to Jane our framer. so when they are framed, I will add photos!


pencil pet portraits horse (1)

pencil pet portraits horse (8)

pencil pet portraits horse (7)

pencil pet portraits horse (6)

pencil pet portraits horse (5)

pencil pet portraits horse (4)

pencil pet portraits horse (3)

pencil pet portraits horse (2)

New Facebook Page….

I have created myself a new facebook page dedicated to my pencil portraits. I only started it yesterday and have 143 likes already! :) If you are on facebook, do pop over and like my page as I will be adding new work, in progress photos and pics from the studio on there daily.

Heres the link!

pencil pet portraits facebook