Here is Bea’s final scan along with a photo i took with some pencils to show scale. The portrait is a 12 x 10 drawing which was for a portrait for a birthday surprise a few days ago and I hope that it was well received!

More posts to follow soon of Jacks next stages and I am going to be working on the portrait of Judy next.



Things have been busy in the studio this week, I have created two portraits and this is the first, its a 9 x 9 pencil portrait of Elliot who is currently heading off to the Orkneys as I type for a birthday surprise. I hope that it arrives in time, fingers crossed the weather is good so the boat can get across with the mail :)

Nick is working on a lovely portrait of Jack and ill post the very first stages soon and i have also completed Bea’s portrait so ill blog that also.


Final Scan of Sophie and Jack

Here are the final stages and final scan of Sophie and Jack’s portrait. It is an oil on linen canvas 16 x 12 and Nick has put the final touches to it today :)  The painting depicts our clients dogs in their local landscape which shows a very natural colour pallet and an overall warm feel with the rich Ochre colour of the grass behind. We hope our clients will be thrilled!

I have now completed Bea’s portrait and a final scan will follow!






Happy Clients – Catherine, Nina and Smasher

We received two wonderful photos just before christmas from Catherine Nash of her framed pencil portrait of cats Nina and Smasher. Catherine received the portrait in 2014 as a surprise gift from her uncle, Fred Nash.

Catherine has very kindly posed with Nina and Smasher along with the portrait and sent photos for our website. We can’t thank Catherine enough for taking the time to do this for us and allowing us to use them online. They will be going on our website this week! :D

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