Next stage of Truffie

Here is the next stage of Truffie and I should have a final scan this afternoon or tomorrow. Im on the last stages of Aspen so I will have a final scan and some photos of him also very soon!


Next stage of Truffie

Here is the next stage of Truffie! We are both working in the studio today (Saturday) as we won’t be able to be here on Monday morning as we have a scheduled electricity cut. It only happens a couple of times per year but when they need to do work, we are notified that we will be down for a few hours and we usually try to do other things during that time. Of course we can’t paint as we don’t have any lights, but there are always things to do around the cottage and in the garden so we won’t be bored I’m sure!

Nick is painting Truffie as I type and Ill probably have another stage for everyone to see later today or tomorrow. I am still drawing Aspen and he’s coming along well. We hope that you all have a lovely weekend too wherever you are!


First stages of Truffie

Here are the first stages of Truffie. Nick is painting Truffie on a 12 x 10 linen canvas for our client Dawn who is in the UK. I will have another stage tomorrow and while Nick is painting Truffie I am still working on Aspen’s portrait and its coming along well. Its going to take some time as its a 20 x 20 portrait, so I will reveal all next week!




Tequilla (Donny) – Posted here at last :)

Last year Nicholas painted a stunning horse for Jaime Todd in Ireland. The horse was called Tequilla (Donny) and the painting was in oils on linen canvas 20 x 20 size. Jaime emailed us some photos of the painting hanging in situ in her home. It has been on my to do list to add to the website and blog for months on end and I’m happy to announce that I have finally added it! Yeay!!

You can see the photos of Donny below, along with the photos and some lovely testimonials from Jaime on our happy clients page on our website. You can find Donny along with other complete portraits displayed in our clients home in the portraits in situ section. I have also added Donny into Nicks Horse Oil Gallery too so you can see the painting in more detail.

Nick is now working on Truffies painting and I will have a final scan here for everyone to see very soon.

horse-oil-portrait-2 horse-oil-portrait-1 horse-oil-portrait-4 horse-oil-portrait-3

Junji and Daisy Framed!

Here are some wonderful photos of Junji and Daisy sitting beside their portrait which is now framed and hanging in situ in Hong Kong. We can’t thank Wendy and Malcolm enough for taking these photos for our website. They have been posted on both ours and their Facebook page which is superb, quotes form the pages are below! You can see Jungi and Daisy’s portrait on my pencil pet portraits website >>

Facebook – We finally got around to framing the drawing that you did of us! Here’s a photo of Daisy checking it out, she looks well chuffed! We’ll get our humans to take a photo of us both beside it and send it to you soon! Thanks so much!

Facebook – Thankyou for our portrait, we love it!!!

pencil portraits 1pencil-portraits-2

Misty’s portrait in Situ

Heather Busdworth and family have very kindly taken a photo of Misty’s painting in situ. Misty is a King Charles Spaniel and Nick painted her earlier this year. We love to see portraits on the wall and I have added this to Misty’s page on the website already.

Hello Melanie, Attached is copy of the portrait in situ, as you requested. We are thrilled with the picture. Many thanks and best wishes, Heather


Leah’s Final Scan and Details

Here is Leah’s final scan and detail photos with Nicks hand to show scale. The painting of Leah is 14 x 10 in size and is painted on medium grain linen canvas with hardwood (Tulipwood) stretcher. Nick has created a lot of detail on the painting particularly on the tack, they look very three dimensional here in the studio. This one is now going to be whisked off to Jane to be framed and I will take some video of it when its back in around a weeks time.