Video of Teasel’s drawing

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Following from my video of Gypsy in my last post, I am about the add a few more videos that I have filmed of our artwork over the last couple of weeks. I am still experimenting with the Final Cut Pro software, which I’m am really enjoying. Im still also researching better cameras and sound microphones.

The video below is of my drawing of Teasel. The portrait has now been sent to my client and they are thrilled. I will be adding it to my website shortly. I hope you enjoy watching and the next video will follow soon!

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Gypsy’s Video and our new software

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There has been a lot of happening in the studio over the last few weeks. I have been a bit behind with our blog for a number of reasons, a few of which I will explain in my blog posts to follow.

The first thing to blog about however, is our new video editing software. We have been making videos since midway through last year and have been experimenting with hardware and software over the time. We still haven’t come to the end of our research with the hardware, however we have settled on some fabulous software.

We are now using Final Cut Pro to make our videos and I have been learning how to use it over the last few weeks. It has enabled me to add transitions, text, intros, overlays and most probably all sorts of things I have yet to even come across that my other software was incapable of doing. I have already added some new videos around our websites which have been put together using Final Cut Pro so you’ll have to hop on over and take a look, or why not subscribe to our YouTube Channel and you will be notified each time we upload a new video.

The latest video of Gypsy has been put together in Final Cut Pro, narrated by myself,  we hope you like it!

Gypsy’s final scan

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Here is the final scan and detail of Gypsy. The painting is a 16 x 12 oil painting by Nicholas Beall on Italian linen Canvas, which is stretched on Tulipwood, a hard wood. The painting looks absolutely amazing here in the studio and I have taken video of it this afternoon too. I am just uploading it to YouTube on our very slow broadband connection, so as soon as its been uploaded I will add it here for our readers to view.

I also took a fabulous photo of Gypsy’s painting in front of Nicholas’ brushes too which you can see below right. There are always lovely photo opportunities here in the studio so ill try to take a few more candid photos for our readers to view.

I will be packing the painting up in the next few days and it will be heading off to Pennsylvania, USA. A personal note about Pennsylvania is that Philadelphia, (which is in Pennsylvania) is home to Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution was signed. A relative of mine by marriage was one of the 52 people to sign the declaration all those years ago. I believe it was 1776 and I am always amazed to think our little cottage was standing at that time.

I will have more blog posts to follow shortly!



Stages of Gypsy – 16 x 12 oil on canvas

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It has been a holiday weekend here in the UK, however Nicholas and I have been working away on lots of exciting projects here in the studio! I am now catching up on our blog posts and here are just a few of the stages of the oil painting of Gypsy. The portrait is a 16 x 12 oil on Linen canvas and Nicholas is working away on the painting as I type. The portrait is looking simply amazing in the studio. You can see from the photos below how realistic the portrait is looking and as I quite often mention here, photos never really show the paintings true, they always look better in real life. So you can imagine how stunning this one is looking in the studio! It has to be one of my favourites of Nicholas’ paintings so far this year and it will definitely be making an appearance on our website soon.

Keep checking back as I will have a few more photos and a final scan in the coming days.





Gypsy’s Video…

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As promised here is the video of Gypsy filmed and edited by myself – Melanie painted by Nicholas Beall. The portrait of Gypsy is framed in the Chelsea Gold moulding which works so well with the background colours and over all feel of the painting. Its the perfect choice!

The painting is an 18 x 14 oil on linen canvas and it will be sent off to the clint as soon as possible as its for a birthday surprise in a few days time. We hope you like it and hope you like the video.

More blog posts to follow, including one all about the videos I have been making too!

Gypsy’s Painting Framed…..

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Here are the photos of Gypsys painting framed. The portrait is an 18 x 14 oil painting on Italian Linen Canvas and Nicholas has hand painted it using traditional oil paints.

The portrait has been framed using the Chelsea Frame in gold which we absolutely love. The gold colours work really well with the greens in the painting, along with the colours of the sky and trees. Its just perfect!

Nicholas paints his backgrounds in a vary natural and realistic way, using subtle colours and tones to compliment the subject. This painting really depicts the warm summers afternoon / evening of the original photo. We can quite imagine Gypsy pausing in the field, looking at the viewer and then heading off amongst the lovely grass in the field. It’s as though we are looking through a window at her.

The painting is for a birthday surprise next week and so it should have reached its destination by now. We hope that it is a wonderful surprise for the lucky recipient.

I took some video of Gypsy before packing the painting and so I will add that in my next post.

horse-portraits-11 horse-portraits-10horse-portraits-12 horse-portraits-13 horse-portraits-14

Horse Portraits – Final Scan of Gypsy

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Here is the final scan of Gypsy! You may have noticed my last blog post was quite short. Mainly because we have both been working very hard in the studio on some fabulous pieces of artwork for special birthdays next week.

The painting of Gypsy is absolutely stunning and it is now on its way to the recipient, hopefully in time for a birthday surprise. It is an 18 x 14 traditional oil painting on Italian Linen Canvas and I have taken video and photos which I will post here following the final scan.

I will be adding Gypsy to our website soon, I actually have a number of new images to add to our sites, so it looks like a few days will be needed next week to get organised.

As always more blog posts to follow, some very exciting videos to follow too!!


Next Stage of Gypsy

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We have both been very busy in the studio today, working really hard on our portraits. Nicholas has been at his easel most of the day as he has been painting ‘in the zone’. Its the kind of place artists get when everything is flowing really well and they are being creative. I have only managed to disturb him once today to take photos of what he is doing, so the stage below is what I have taken.  Nicholas has very nearly completed the painting of Gypsy, although there will be another stage and a final scan to follow very soon!