Maggie and Max final scan

Here is the final scan of Maggie and Max, a 16 x 12 oil painting on Italian linen canvas! The painting is beautiful here in the studio, Nicholas has spend a lot of time not only on the dogs, but on the background too, getting the correct tones and colours to create a very natural feel to the room with the light pouring through the window. I love the way the dogs are looking out of the scene, keep their eye on everything around them but in a very relaxed way. We will be taking the painting to Jane the framer very soon and I will take photos and video when its complete. We hope that you like this one!


Gianni Final Scan

Here is the final scan of Gianni. He will be heading off to Australia very soon, I am just about to pack him up after writing this blog post :) He is a beautiful King Charles spaniel, a very much missed and loved family member and I drew him at 12 x 10 size in graphite pencil. I hope you like him!


Maggie and Max final touches

Here are the next stages of Maggie and Max. Nick is adding the final touches to the painting today and I should have a final scan to post very soon. Its been non stop here in the studio and I have now completed the portrait of Gianni which I will post next. I am also trying to get caught up on an influx of admin and also lots of new mockups for clients. Nick is now taking bookings for May 2016 and its is amazing to be thinking about spring and summer schedules when christmas decorations are only just creeping onto the shelves. He has some very exciting and lovely commissions coming up and I’m looking forward to seeing them develop, we hope you are all too. More posts to follow!



Georgies Video

Here is the video I filmed today of Georgie’s portrait. I hope to add the portrait, video and photos to the website this week :)

Georgie’s Portrait Framed

Georgie’s portrait is framed and ready to send to its owners! The painting has come out beautifully, the frame works so well with the overall colour and feel of the painting, its perfect. I have taken some video which I will post next so you can see it in a more three dimensional way. I have taken some really close up photos so our clients can see the quality added below. The painting is a 16 x 12 oil on Italian Linen canvas with the Traditional Flat frame and accompanying inner linen slip. We hope you like this one!

oil-pet-portraits oil-pet-portraits-1 oil-pet-portraits-3 oil-pet-portraits-2 oil-pet-portraits-4

Ruby Framed

Here is Ruby’s portrait all framed and ready to go. This was the portrait I did as a competition for a charity to help dogs from Greece Halkida Greek Animal Welfare, and its going to be sent tomorrow! I have worked with the charity for a number of years and its wonderful to see dogs going to happy and loving homes. I hope you all like this one.






We have just got back from a few days break in Cornwall to visit family and came home Saturday evening. Sunday was spent in the garden doing 101 jobs! Mowed the lawn, had a bonfire, did plenty of washing and most importantly stacked the wood for the winter! I have included a few photos for our clients and readers to see, the first is Nick and Lily in the garden, the second is the woodshed stacked – we only just managed to get them all in! I have also added a few photos from holiday, one of Lily in Nicks mums garden getting comfy on the garden furnitaure and one of Murphy looking very hopeful in that if he posed well for the photo he may well just get a treat! Finally a lovely one of a small and beautiful fishing village called Port Isaac on Conrwalls North coast. Just exquisite.

We are now back to work and I have lots and lots of blog posts to catch up on, so stay tuned!! :)

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