Joeys Final Scan

Here is the final scan of the oil painting, it is a 12 x 10 on Italian linen canvas of the stunning boxer dog called Joey. He will be hopefully sent off to South Wales later on this week. Our big news may slightly be delayed a little, we are hopefully finding out more next week and then we will reveal all. There is lots happening here at the moment, lots of organizing and arranging…..intrigued? Stay tuned!!


Joey Stages

I have been very silly this week as I deleted over 200 images from my camera because I was running out of space and I have inadvertently deleted the first stages of Joey’s portrait. Joey is being painted for a returning client and is a gorgeous but very much missed and loved boxer. Nick started Joey’s painting a number of weeks ago and so I hadn’t added them to my pc yet. So today I have been taking photos of Nick painting to add some to our blog :)

I will have a final scan soon…PLUS the exciting news I mentioned in my last blog post will be announced on Monday. We are very excited and looking forward to sharing it with our clients!





Pet Portrait of Kojak the Rottweiler

Here are the final photos of Kojak! Nick has done an absolutely stunning job on this painting. Its been a long time in the making and worth every minute, the attention to detail is amazing. The subject looks very three dimensional within the canvas and this might show in the photos but I think its something that really comes across when you are standing in front of the original painting.

The colours vary quite a bit between all of the photos I have taken today, however that is to be expected. I took some in the studio and out in the garden and picked the best from them all. Its very difficult to take photos of large portraits due to the shine on the oil paint and the canvas, however hopefully you will be able to see what the painting is like.

We are both starting new portraits, Nick is back working on Joey and I’m working on Zulu, so we have portraits on our easels as I type. We have a busy weekend ahead of us, laying gravel in the top of the cottage garden. It is going to be a long job and I will take photos for the website when its complete!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!




Photos of Nick working on Kojak

Here are some final photos of Nick working on Kojak. Due to the large size of the portrait, I wont be scanning the painting, I will be taking more photos of the full portrait today and they will be posted here soon. The portrait looks absolutely stunning and it will be very interesting to see photos the portrait when our clients have had it framed as I always feel it ‘finished’ a painting to have it framed. More to follow!





Rocky the Rottie

Rocky the Rottie is now complete and he will be sent to his owner next week. We have a bank holiday weekend coming up in the UK so he will be on his way next Tuesday. Nick is on the final touches to Kojak’s portrait and we will have some close up photos very soon.

I’m working now on a lovely portrait of a dog called Zulu for a birthday surprise in May and Nicks next portrait, which is already started, is of Joey the Boxer. I have taken photos already of the stages so far and I will post those once Kojak is complete.

We also have some very exciting plans to be announced, for the moment we will keep you guessing, however we will reveal all soon! :)


Next stages of Kojak

Our last post was some time ago as we have had a few days off work for family staying over Easter. We always seem to work our family hard when they come to stay and this time we had extra helping hands on redoing our front garden. It was transformed! We worked long hours and although we didn’t take a ‘before photo’ you can see the results on our cottage garden page on our website.

We pulled out overgrown bushes and shrubs, weeded and cut back plants, covered the beds with bark, laid new gravel and ‘bashed’ up slate that were were given and laid it on the path parallel to the cottage and on top of our old wall. It certainly all looks much better now. I am in the process of updating our about us section, its taking some time as I’m doing a little here and there when I have time and some things are still under construction, however its coming together a little more now.

Nick has been working hard on Kojak’s portrait as you can see from all the stages below. I don’t think we will manage to get a final scan of the painting as its too large, however I will try to get a good photo for the final. Quite a few stages to go yet though. We hope you all had a lovely Easter where you are.

rotweiler-pet--portraits14 rotweiler-pet--portraits11 rotweiler-pet--portraits10 rotweiler-pet--portraits13 rotweiler-pet--portraits12 rotweiler-pet--portraits7 rotweiler-pet--portraits8 rotweiler-pet--portraits9

Next Stages of Kojak

The photos haven’t come out very well as it has been pouring with rain here solidly the last few days and the studio has been quite dark. Nick works under bright lights but it shines so much on the portrait it was difficult to take with all the lights on too! Hopefully the next stages will show a little better. They say its going to be a nicer week weather wise this week which is great as we could do with some sunshine here in Wales!

Lots and lots of stages to follow!

rotweiler-pet -portraits7


rotweiler-pet -portraits8

Happy Client Photos..

The portrait of Christopher arrived at its destination safely, along with the print and our clients very kindly too some photos of the portrait when it was hanging in situ. We are thrilled with the outcome and how it looks in our clients home. We cant thank our clients enough for taking the photos and thye will be added to the website in my next round of updates!



Nina and Smasher final scan

Here are Nina and Smasher, a portrait for a returning client of mine and I hope they will be sent off to them this week. Its a 16 x 12 graphite pencil drawing and I hope to add it to the website very soon.


Happy Client Photos!

We have received some lovely photos from our clients in Hawaii, this is Remington, an oil on linen that Nick painted a few months ago, the owners had him framed and emailed us photos to see. Pattie, pictured below said…

You have captured his essence, his spirit, and most importantly his noble character…..Thank you so much…

We are thrilled with the photos an they will be added to our website in the next round of updates!





Kojak’s Oil Portraits Stages So Far!

Due to having lots of pencil deadline portraits to complete for birthdays, coincidentally all ending over this weekend, I have been very behind with our blog. I expect you have seen my quick posts recently as I have been spending a lot of time at my easel and when not at my easel sorting / arranging portraits with new clients. I have neglected to blog Nicks amazing portrait of Kojak, although I have been taking photos of Nick working since he started. He has been painting Kojak for a number of days already, he is a little ahead of this stage now, the portrait is a 40 x 30 inch painting on Italian Linen canvas. I will be posting more stages next week although we will be having Tuesday off as its Nicks 40th birthday :)

rotweiler-pet -portraits6


rotweiler-pet -portraits5


rotweiler-pet -portraits4



rotweiler-pet -portraits3


rotweiler-pet -portraits2

rotweiler-pet -portraits1

Shoni’s Portrait Framed

Here is Shoni’s portrait framed, the sun was shining into the studio through our little cottage window this morning when I took these photos, and it really made the top photo below shine :) We hope that you like them.

pencil pet portraits framed (1)


pencil pet portraits framed (4)




pencil pet portraits framed (2)

pencil pet portraits framed (3)