Quiet but Busy….

As our readers may have noticed we haven’t made a blog post for a couple of weeks. We have still been busy though! Nick is working on the big surprise painting, its coming along beautifully and although we are unable to share the full painting quite yet, I have added a section of it below.

I am about to blog my completed drawing of Floss next and I am currently working on Moo’s drawing.  I have also just ordered some new drawing papers to try so I shall also be experimenting with those behind the scenes too.

Murphy is settling in well and has now truly become part of our family. We also have a friends dog staying for 10 days while they are on holiday so we have a house full. How we have managed to go from one dog, to 3 dogs in 6 weeks is beyond me! I don’t think we are ready to be a three dog family, I think two is quite enough, although we are enjoying his company for a while :)

More to follow so and I hope you are all having a good weekend!


First stage of Secret portrait….

Nicholas is currently working on a large 36 x 24 oil painting for a client to present as a surprise for a birthday in July. This is the very top corner of the painting and in about a weeks time I will have a colour version of the top corner to show!

There may not be many blog posts for a while as the recipient loves to look around the internet and we didn’t want any surprises being ruined. The painting is looking amazing here in the studio and it once complete it will be framed in the Gold Dots frame by our local framer Jane. I will blog another post next week. We hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Henry and George’s painting with Simon!

Henry and George’s portrait was painted recently by Nicholas at 16 x 12 size on Italian Linen Canvas. Lisa Shaw commissioned Nicholas to paint Henry and George for a birthday surprise for her husband Simon in June 2015. Sadly George passed away before the painting was complete, so it serves to be a wonderful memory for all of the family. Henry is still doing well at 18 years old and he posed beautifully for Lisa in the photo below.

We always love to see photos form our clients when the paintings arrive or are presented to the recipient and Lisa very kindly took some photos of Simon and Henry with the painting. I have also added them to our testimonials pages on our website. We hope you enjoy reading Lisa’s testimonial below and viewing the photos.

Hi Melanie,
Simon gets to see his present! He was quiet at first, thought he didn’t like it.
He was quiet because he was so emotional.
He LOVES the portrait, so please pass on our thanks to Nicholas.
Henry thinks its pretty cool too!!
Lisa x

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Bea’s portrait – with Bea!

Elizabeth commissioned me to draw Bea in January 2015 as a surprise gift for Charles, her husbands birthday. We have just received these wonderful photos of Bea posing with her portrait which is now framed and ready to be displayed in the family home, when their renovations are complete. I have added the photos and a lovely testimonial from Elizabeth on our website. Bea is the perfect model and is just so adorable in these photos. I hope that you all enjoy viewing them too!

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Ballycastle King Framed!

We are very excited to finally post our latest framed portrait. Nick painted Ballycastle King about an month and a half ago. Our client asked if we would match a frame from another painting we did for them a few years ago. The frame was a swept frame and so we found a company to make one for us similar and I have added photos for you to see below.

We are over the moon with the results. It is a gold swept frame with a hessian inner linen slip, edged with gold. There is a gold engraved plaque on the hessian slip and the sides of the frame have been built up to hide the depth of the canvas. It is just simply stunning.

The oil painting will be hung in the clients home, and we have also had a print created for the clients yacht, two photos of the framed print are below. Jane our framer framed this for us with non reflective glass, the gold engraved plaque has been recessed in the mount.

Our clients will be visiting us in a week or so and I will try to persuade them to have their photo taken with the painting for the blog.

I ahve added the swept frame to our range of available mouldings on our website, we hope that this will be the first of many beautiful swept frames to go along with Nick’s amazing oil paintings.

I have taken a video of the painting and print which I will post next.

racehorse-portrait-framed-1 racehorse-portrait-framed-2 racehorse-portrait-framed-3 racehorse-portrait-framed-4

racehorse-portrait-framed-5 racehorse-portrait-framed-6 racehorse-portrait-framed-7