Shep Final Scan

Here is Sheps final scan! Shep was drawn on a 16 x 12 Italian Fabriano paper and will be heading off to his owner this coming week. I will follow up this post with another stage of Duffy’s portrait. its emceeing along beautifully.


First stages of Lincoln

Here are the first stages of Lincoln’s portrait which Nick is painting to the size of 14 x 14 oil on linen canvas. We have created the mockup (bottom left corner of images) using a garden background from the clients photos, and the top of a head and chest from other photos as the original photo the clients requested us to use was very cropped in. Luckily we had access to other photos of Lincoln to be able to create the full image :)  The portrait is now in a drying stage and Nick is currently working on Duffy which I will post very soon.





Welcome to Murphy!

On the 25th of May 2015 we adopted Murphy who is 16 months old. Murphy is a Tibetan Terrier just like Lily, originally from the same breeder as Lily, although has different parents. Funnily enough we had booked to have a puppy this year and it was to be from the same parents as Murphy has.

Sadly due to family circumstances, Murphy’s family were unable to look after Murphy any longer and we were very lucky to be chosen to adopt him. Lily and Murphy were best buddies from day one and they get on as if they have known each other all of their lives. There is only 7 months between them and they play together beautifully. Murphy was very homesick when he first arrived, he came from a very loving family and has been bought up really well and Lily has been key in helping him settle here showing Murphy our daily routine and he has followed along with ease.

It has been great for Lily as she really needed a friend to play with, as did Murphy being a single dog too, so it has all turned out really well. I have added a couple of photos below and you can read more about Murphy on our website on his very own webpage here – Murphy >> I will keep updating it as the weeks and months go by just like Lilys page. The first photos below shows them yesterday, they had just come back from the groomers and looked and smelled wonderful!

murphy murphy1

Bilbo’s portrait in situ

We have received a wonderful photo from our client who commissioned a pencil portrait of Bilbo. The portrait has been framed and mounted beautifully, we particularly love the triple mount with the dark line which really brings out the drawing. We can’t thank our clint enough for taking this photo and here is a testimonial email from Tony. I hope to add it to our website very soon!

I just wanted to say how thrilled we both are with the portrait of Bilbo.  As you can see it is now framed and hanging in pride of place in our front room.
Regards, Tony


George and Henry Framed

Here are the photos of George and Henry framed. jane has framed them in our subtle bronze frame with an inner linen slip and the colours work really well with the painting. We hope this is a wonderful surprise for the recipient on his special birthday :)

oil-portraits-dogs-9 oil-portraits-dogs-10 oil-portraits-dogs-11