Junji and Daisy final scan

Here is the final scan of Junji and Daisy. I am really pleased with how these two dogs have come out. When creating a mock-up for our client in Hong Kong, they requested to have both Junji and Daisy in the portrait together. My client had taken a range of superb photos using a digital camera and I was able to use two separate photos and sit both dogs together within the scene. I have taken a few photos of the dogs from a variety of angles, and Nick also took one of me drawing on the portrait too.

My next portrait is for a returning client who is purchasing a portrait as a gift and they all follow my facebook page and blog. Due to this surprise, the drawing wont be revealed for a few weeks but as soon as I am able to show it here I will post photos for all to see :)

french-bull dog-pet-portraits (1)


french-bull dog-pet-portraits (2)




french-bull dog-pet-portraits (3)




french-bull dog-pet-portraits (4)

french-bull dog-pet-portraits (5)

Jack, Mia and Harry and a Happy Client!

Nicola, our client who commissioned the portraits of Jack the horse, and two portraits of Dachshunds Mia and Harry, came to collect her portraits today. I was able to take a quick snap of Nick with Nicola and the portraits before they left the studio to travel back with them to south wales. Nicola will be having them framed at her local framers and we are really looking forward to seeing photos of them in situ along with Billy, which we painted for Nicola last year.

Its always wonderful to meet our clients as so often they are situated around the world – although tomorrow we hope to meet another client travelling quite a distance to collect his paintings of Purdy, Milly and Molly so I hope to have more happy client photos soon!


Final Scan of Milly and Molly

Here is the final scan of Milly and Molly! The portrait is 26 x 14 in size and Nick painted it on bespoke made Italian Linen medium grain canvas. The portrait of Purdy and this painting is now ready to take to Jane the framer and they will be both framed in matching Ornate Pewter framed with inner linen slips. I have also taken some photos of Nicks hand on the portrait and added two below. Nick has a number of paintings on the go at the moment, he has been working on ‘CC Top’ the horse today and I will have some stages for everyone to see tomorrow :)






Milly and Molly stages

Here are the next stages to Nick’s portrait of Milly and Molly, I will be scanning the painting in today so will follow with the finished piece!




Rufus Final Scan

Here is the final scan of Rufus, a 14 x 14 pencil drawing on Italian watercolour paper. I have been working on him for the last couple of weeks and hes now complete. He is for a birthday surprise this month so I’m really looking forward to hearing what the recipient thinks on his special day. Hopefully this will be sent off to the client in the next few days.




Next stages of Milly and Molly

Here are the next stages of Nick’s portrait of Milly and Molly, they are coming along well and I should have another stage tomorrow. I have now completed the portrait of Rufus and will post the drawing next!



First stages of Milly and Molly

Here are the first stages of Milly and Molly. These were completed before the weekend. Back to work today and I will have more to follow tomorrow!





Purdy’s Final Scan

Here is Purdy’s final scan! The portrait is an oil on Italian Line 12 x 10 in size. Its slightly brighter i think in the original here in the studio. Nick has just started the next portrait of Milly and Molly for the same client and I will have first stages very soon.


More stages of Purdy

Here are some final photos of Purdy before the final scan. You can see Nick is just adding the final details to the Purdy’s white fur and whiskers. More to follow!

blog-mid blog-mide

Next Stages of Purdy

Here are the next stages of Purdy, Nick has been working hard at his easel today and has started on the details. We will have more photos Wednesday!






Purdy First Stages

Here are the first stages of Purdy’s portrait. It is a 12 x 10 oil on Italian Linen bespoke canvas. The colours are perhaps a little darker overall than the original but its looking really three dimensional and stunning. Sadly Purdy’s is no longer with us, so this will server as a wonderful reminder for Purdy’s owners.





Our first short video!

Here is our first short video! We hope you like it. Feedback welcome!

Recorded on an iPad, uploaded to You Tube in Nick’s new channel!