Ella’s Final Scan

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Here is Ella’s final scan ūüôā ¬†Im so pleased to be finally able to post Ella as she has been adorning my easel for the last week all completed. I hope you all like her, I’m on the mend now, through the worst of my cold and the dogs are much happier today, we are just about to take them out for a walk so all is well. ¬†Nicks working on the painting of Ginko, Zizou and Rover¬†and ill have the first stages next.


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Dogs with poorly tummies and colds…..

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This is our first blog post for a while and with good reason. Our dogs have been poorly, Murphy¬†was first and started with dihorrea last Wednesday and was still poorly by Monday by which¬†time¬†Lily had caught it. We were up with them each night about 5 times and we made three vets trips within¬†the 6 days. They were finally put on a course of antibiotics along with¬†Kaline & Morphine and are gradually getting better. I don’t suppose we will ever know what it was that upset them, but we are just so relived to have two healthy dogs again. They have been very lethargic and tired – as well as both of us as you can image. So much so, that as soon as they started to be on the mend, I caught a cold ūüôĀ The last two days I have not been functioning¬†at full steam! I have¬†just ventured down to the studio to catch up on some admin and scan my latest portrait. So there will be more posts to follow, emails will be on their way to clients as I gradually get caught up with everyone and I thought i would add this photo of Lily and Murphy from yesterday sitting in the garden on the picnic table, having a nap. Stay tuned for more posts soon!


Luna’s Final Scan

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Here is the final scan of Luna. Nicholas has painted it on a 16 x 12 Italian Linen canvas. The overall colours and tones are beautiful. Nicholas has used a limited pallet on the background to convey the colours of the trail Luna was walking on, which works really well with her colouring. We hope that this painting will bring back wonderful memories for our clients whole family. It will be on its way to the USA in the next few days.

We have had a very topsy turvy night / day here as Murphy has had a poorly tummy, we have no idea why, so we are going on a bit of a go slow here after having a sleepless night. He’s being fed on¬†chicken and rice and hopefully he will feel better. We all hope to have a full night sleep tonight!

Ella’s final scan is coming soon!


Luna’s stages

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Here are the next stages of Luna, the colours don’t seem to have come out very well again, I think they will show much better in the final scan. Nicholas has been working more on the background and has added some natural subtle foliage behind Luna and more detail around her feet. I hope to have a final scan very soon for you all to see. Im nearly finishing Ella’s pencil portrait so Ill have a final scan of that soon too! Its all go here ūüôā



Luna’s first stages

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Here are the first three stages of Luna which Nicholas is painting on a 16 x 12 size Italian Linen canvas. Nick still has a long way to go, these are just the early stages however¬†you can see the painting¬†is coming together nicely. I think its probably much warmer in real life… I have just peered around my easel at the original and it has richer tones and umbers. I’ll see if I can take some better photos later today and post them very soon.

We had a day off yesterday as clients visited the studio¬†to have photos taken of their gorgeous Labradoodle Georgie with her¬†portraits¬†and so I will be posting photos¬†very soon. I also have lots of updates to the website as i will add those photos along with fabulous photos of myself and my client¬†Tracey and her dog Moo which I¬†need to add too!¬†Im currently drawing Ella the spaniel so as soon as Ella is complete I¬†will catch up with my web duties ūüôā




Maggie and Max final scan

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Here is the final scan of Maggie and Max, a 16 x 12 oil painting on Italian linen canvas! The painting is beautiful here in the studio, Nicholas has spend a lot of time not only on the dogs, but on the background too, getting the correct tones and colours to create a very natural feel to the room with the light pouring through the window. I love the way the dogs are looking out of the scene, keep their eye on everything around them but in a very relaxed way. We will be taking the painting to Jane the framer very soon and I will take photos and video when its complete. We hope that you like this one!


Maggie and Max final touches

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Here are the next stages of Maggie and Max. Nick is adding the final touches to the painting today and I should have a final scan to post very soon. Its been non stop here in the studio and I have now completed the portrait of Gianni which¬†I will post next. I am also trying to get caught up on an influx of admin and also lots of new mockups for clients. Nick is now taking bookings for May 2016 and its is amazing to be thinking about spring and summer schedules when christmas decorations are only just creeping onto the shelves. He has some very exciting and lovely commissions coming up and I’m looking forward to seeing them develop, we hope you are all too. More posts to follow!



Georgie’s Portrait Framed

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Georgie’s portrait is framed and ready to send to its owners! The painting has come out beautifully, the frame works so well with the overall colour and feel of the painting, its perfect. I have taken some video which I will post next so you can see it in a more three dimensional way. I have taken some really close up photos so our clients¬†can see the quality added below. The painting is a 16 x 12 oil on Italian Linen canvas with the Traditional Flat frame and accompanying inner linen slip. We hope you like this one!

oil-pet-portraits oil-pet-portraits-1 oil-pet-portraits-3 oil-pet-portraits-2 oil-pet-portraits-4

Ruby Framed

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Here is Ruby’s portrait all framed and ready to go. This was the portrait I did as a competition for a charity to help dogs from Greece¬†Halkida Greek Animal Welfare, and its going to be sent tomorrow! I have worked with the charity for a number of years and its wonderful to see dogs going to happy and loving homes. I hope you all like this one.






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We have just got back from a few days break in Cornwall to visit family and came home Saturday evening. Sunday was spent in the garden doing 101 jobs! Mowed the lawn, had a bonfire, did plenty of washing and most importantly stacked the wood for the winter! I have included a few photos for our clients and readers to see, the first is Nick and Lily in the garden, the second is the woodshed stacked – we only just managed to get them all in! I have also added a few photos from holiday, one of Lily in Nicks mums garden getting comfy on the garden furnitaure and one of Murphy looking very hopeful in that if he posed well for the photo he may well just get a treat! Finally a lovely one of a small and beautiful fishing village called Port Isaac on Conrwalls North coast. Just exquisite.

We are now back to work and I have lots and lots of blog posts to catch up on, so stay tuned!! ūüôā

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Next stages of Max and Maggie

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Here are the next stages of Maggie and Max. Nick is doing a wonderful job and I just love the windows behind, the light pouring through them is magical. Nick is currently adding more details on Maggie and Max’s faces and Ill have another stage very soon.¬†I have been working on Gianni’s portrait today and its coming along beautifully¬†too!

Our next blog post¬†possibly won’t be tomorrow as we have a power cut here for most of the day while BT cut some trees down in our neighbouring¬†fields around us so we won’t be able to work and we are preparing for a busy day with lots of workmen around! We will be back soon!




Final Scan of Ruby

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Here is Ruby! I have completed this portrait for the charity I support, we have friends who rescue dogs in Greece, called ¬†‘Halkida Greek Animal Welfare’. We donated a portrait for their competition at the start of this year and Wendy Nutland won. So this is Ruby all completed and she will be on her way to Jane’s to be framed very soon.

We have had family staying over the weekend, along with my little Niece and Nephew which has been really lovely. They were kept quite entertained with the two dogs and our chickens, the latter of which were a huge novelty for them. Im not sure how many eggs they thought the chickens were going to lay per day, but pretty much every hour they went out from morning to evening to check and were to pleased when they came back with eggs – even more pleased when they¬†had the eggs for breakfast ūüôā

So back to peace and quiet here and back to work for us today. Im starting Ginani’s portrait and Nick is still working on Maggy and Max which i hope to have the next stage of very soon.


First Stages of Maggie and Max

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Here are the first stages of Maggie and Max. The painting has wonderful light flowing through the window, across the top of the sofa onto the dogs, its going to be stunning. The painting has been commissioned to be given as a gift and we hope to have it framed and sent to the US ready to be wrapped in time for the big day. More stages to follow early next week.




Final scan Georgie

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Here is the final scan of Georgie! The painting is beautiful, wonderful textures in the background and the overall colour scheme goes beautifully. I am hopefully taking the portrait to Jane early next week and as soon as its back here I will take photos to post here on the blog. The painting is a 16 x 12 oil on Italian Linen canvas. Nick has started Maggy and Max and so I will add the first stages of their painting next!


More stages of Georgie

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Here are the next stages of Georgie, its looking fabulous. Nick is putting the finishing touches to the painting today. Its a busy day here in the studio and a rainy one unfortunately. We have a client coming from England to collect the portrait of Moo so I hope to have photos to post tomorrow. We are also off to a friends gallery opening too so its all go here. I have very nearly finished Rubys portrait, I will probably have a final scan by the weekend. As always stay tuned!



Niko….named after Nicholas!

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Nicholas painted a portrait of a beautiful English Bull Dog called Remi in 2014 and you can see the portrait here –¬†¬†Remington. Remi¬†sadly passed away far too soon in his life. Pattie, his owner was lucky enough to breed with Remi’s sister Ruby who¬†had the most adorable puppies. They named one Baxter which they have kept for showing and another of the pups was named¬†after Nicholas! What an honour!

Nicholas was sold to another family and we have been receiving regular updates of how the pups are getting on and Nicholas the puppy is now fully grow and his nickname is Niko. Pattie sent the most wonderful photo last week of Niko snoozing in his comfy bed and we thought we would add it to our blog for our readers to see. Im sure it will make you smile as much as it has made us smile. Our clients and family live in Hawaii so we are unable to meet them¬†in person…although maybe one day!! ūüôā


Happy Clients!

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I have just received a wonderful email and photo from Steve Reader who recently commission a portrait of Shep. Steve and his family have just had Sheps portrait framed and we love it! The shape¬†is a perfect match with the composition of the piece. I¬†would officially like to thank Steve for taking it and allowing me¬†to use it on my¬†website. I have added it to my happy clients page already!¬†ūüôā

Hi Melanie
Please see below Shep fully mounted and framed. We are chuffed to bits with the final portrait.