Final scan of Scrump

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Here is the final scan of Scrump. It has been very difficult to scan this painting due to the difference in tones on the painting itself. I don’t feel the digital version below does justice to Nicholas’ wonderful painting however hopefully it will give our readers a good idea of what the painting is like. The portrait of Scrump has been painted in traditional oils on Italian linen canvas stretched to 16 x 12 and will be heading off to the client next week. It’s in its final drying phase and by Monday it should be ready to be packed.

My next blog post will be of my pencil portrait of Hollie so stay tuned!


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Next stage of Scrump’s pet portrait.

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We have had a busy weekend, Saturday I had a local client over who needed some photo editing done which worked out really well. I then finished all of the extra work that needed to be done on my pencil portraits website, so I feel good that its now complete.

I have also very nearly completed the pencil portrait of Hollie and Nicholas is nearing completion on the puppy portrait of Scrump. I have added another stage below and should have a final scan on Wednesday as we have to go out of the studio all day tomorrow. So another post will follow mid week!


Sonny’s Pet Portrait Framed!

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Here is Sonny’s pet portrait framed, we hope that you all like it! The painting is an Oil on Italian Linen canvas painted by Nicholas Beall at 18 x 14 size, framed using the curved Gold Line frame with inner linen slip. I have also added these photos to Sonny’s page where you can see the painting and close ups in full – Collie Pet Portraits >> I also took some video which I will upload to You Tube and post soon 🙂

Collie-portrait-oils-8 Collie-portrait-oils-9 Collie-portrait-oils-10 Collie-portrait-oils-11 Collie-portrait-oils-12

Scrump’s Next Stages

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Here are the next stages of Scrump’s portrait and its coming along beautifully. Nicholas is around half way now and has lots more detail to add in the dog and background. So ill have plenty more stages to follow.

We also have just received back the portrait of Sonny framed, it looks amazing in its frame. It was framed in the curved gold line frame with inner linen slip and so I will be adding photos and video soon too!



Pencil Pet Portraits Happy Client Photos!

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I have been updating my pencil portraits website today and have added two lovely happy clint testimonial photos which I recently received from a returning client. The portraits of Ivar and Djeen were created my myself in 2015 to give as Christmas gifts. They headed all the way to Paris and the recipients were thrilled. These photos were taken just before the portraits were wrapped!

My Happy Client Testimonials page has, up to now, been half complete. Last year I added a host of lovely client photos without any actual testimonials or headings to each of the photos. So I have taken some time to finish the page and make it look a lot more tidy and happy. If you would like to have a peak, head on over to my website here…Happy Client Testimonials >> I hope you enjoy viewing them!

happy-client-pet-portrait2 happy-client-pet-portrait1

Scrump’s First Stage

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Here is the first stage of Scrump! He is a 16 x 12 oil painting on Italian Linen canvas and as you can see Nicholas is starting to add some colour into the background over the top of his oil sketch base. Tomorrow he will be moving onto adding colour and tone to scrump himself and as soon as he starts working I will take photos for you to see! More to follow!


Sonny’s stages and final scan

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Here are the stages of the oil portrait of Sonny along with the final scan and some close up photos. Nicholas has been working on this portrait for a while and it is for a special birthday at the start of March. As soon as its been framed its being whisked off to our clients in time to be presented on the recipients birthday. I have already added Sonny to our website and you can see him here in our dog portraits oil gallery – Collie Pet Portraits >> As soon as the painting is back here in the studio I will take photos for everyone to see and post them here and on his webpage too!

Collie-portrait-oils-5 Collie-portrait-oils-6 Collie-portrait-oils-7