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Bea’s portrait with Bea!

Here is Bea’s portrait with Bea! Elizabeth commissioned me to draw Bea in 2015 as a surprise gift for Charles, her husbands birthday. We have just received these wonderful photos of Bea posing with her portrait. The drawing is now framed and ready to be displayed in the family home. I have added the photos and a lovely testimonial from Elizabeth on our website. Bea is the perfect model and is just so adorable in these photos. I hope that you all enjoy viewing them too!

Hi Melanie,

Apologies that I have not yet sent you photos of Bea’s portrait at our house. We have had builders in, unfortunately for rather longer than planned, so I have decided to send you some photos of Bea and her portrait in the meantime. The picture is a perfect likeness of Bea and also a beautiful drawing in its own right. Charles loves his present and we can’t wait to hang the drawing once we have our house back to normal.

My sister, who lives in Kenya and recently arrived here for a visit, likes Bea’s portrait so much that she wants a drawing of their border terrier.She will be in touch!

All the best,

Bea's portrait with Bea!

Bea's portrait with Bea!

Bea's portrait with Bea!

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