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Dog Oil Painting of Lily

Welcome to our dog oil painting of Lily, painted by Nicholas. The portrait is a 12 x 10 inches portrait and was painted as a graduation gift for a returning client. I have add Janes initial email below. We always remember our clients. Although we have to be honest, we have been pet portrait artists professionally for over 20 years and we don’t always remember the clients names…however we do remember the pets names that we paint and draw!! We remember Harry very well and he is currently adoring our horse portraits gallery!

Dear Melanie and Nicholas
I don’t know if you remember us, you did a most beautiful painting of my daughters horse Harry , for her graduation a few years ago. It was Maja that arranged it all for her sister, it is now Majas turn to graduate. I wondered if it was possible to book in to do a painting of her Daxhound Lilly. Looking forward to hear from you

Jane and her family emailed us around 20 photos of Lilly’s photoshoot which was superb. We are always thrilled to receive lots of photos to work with and we unanimously settled on the photo that Nicholas used as the basis for the painting below.

The portrait is now happily residing in its home in Scotland with very happy clients!

Dog Oil Painting of Lily – Photos

Here is a close up photos of the portrait with Nicholas’ paint brush next to the painting so you can see scale. Just look at her beautiful shiny eye! Nicholas is a fabulous oil painter and the light and soul he captures is beautiful.

Dog Oil Painting of Lily
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