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Pencil Drawings of Cosmo & King Chinook

Welcome to my Pencil Drawings of Cosmo & King Chinook. I have completed two pencil drawings for separate clients and thought I would post about them together.

The drawing below of Cosmo was sent off to client Matilda this week and she emailed the testimonial below when she saw the final scan. Im thrilled that she loves it. The drawing was a 12 x 10 pencil and we hope it looks fabulous framed.

Dear Melanie – it’s gorgeous! I adore it… and so sweet! Just like him.
Thank you so much!
All best,

The next portrait I completed was a pencil drawing of King Chinook. The drawing was slightly smaller than Cosmo at 10 x 8 and was drawn from a fairly small photo as it was a Husky that my client owned many years ago. It will be heading off to the USA this week.

Studio News

We are still ongoing with the renovations on the cottage, although are in a bit of a gap now before the next set of builders start at the beginning of May. I am gradually packing up the ground floor and its a lot of work.

Next week though we have a roofer to fix our tool shed roof as it has been leaking and they are going to be doing a bit of work on our studio roof too, so I聽might聽take a sneaky photo for the blog 馃檪 Also very excitingly we are having Superfast broadband installed next week too.

It is incredibly exciting as we are on a very slow connection and sadly wont get Superfast in the usual way for a long time as we are fairly rural. So we are opting for Wireless superfast – we will post when we are up and running!

Pencil Drawings of Cosmo & King Chinook

Pencil Drawings of Cosmo & King Chinook

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