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Pencil Drawing of Barney

Here is my pencil drawing of Barney the old English Sheepdog. My client Chris wanted a portrait of her dog Barney. She wanted a pencil drawing, however was concerned as his fur was white. Chris was worried that Barney wouldn’t stand out as a pencil drawing due to his white fur. White dogs, or white pants are never a problem. I can always shade the background to allow them to stand out. Here you can see I have done just that and because of this, Barney stands out beautifully.

Chris was thrilled with the portrait and I have added a lovely testimonial when Chris receive my pencil drawing…

Hi Melanie,
Just a quick note to say that the portrait has been safely received, thank you. It is beautiful, love the way he stares down the picture, a direct look at you, reminds me of a politician looking down his nose!!!!
Once again, thank you so much.
Kind regards
Chris x

Pencil Drawing of Barney

Pencil Drawing of Barney – Photo

I always feel my portraits look far better when photographed, so please do look out for the photos of them on our blog. They are a much better representation of the artwork. I am thrilled with the way Barney came out and hope that you like him too.

Pencil Drawing of Barney

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