Melanie’s February Monthly News

Welcome to Melanie’s February Monthly News, we hope that all of our readers and followers are all keeping well! Spring is on its way! We start this blog off with some beautiful daffodils from my dads garden. Daffodils always make me smile, such a happy flower. We have been busy in the studio this month. I am working towards the completion of updating our dog portrait website and we have both been busy drawing and painting. I have also created and designed some new packaging for my pencil drawings. Scroll down to see!

Melanie's February Monthly News

New Packaging for Pencil Drawings!

Over the last few months I have been devising new ways of presenting my pencil drawings. This is mainly because as I am no longer offering framing for my pencil drawings. We still are for the oil paintings though. I wanted to find a way of giving my clients a lovely experience on opening my drawings. Plus a way of clients being able to present them as a gift.

We used to create gift voucher boxes similarly this with ribbon and tissue paper, however now they are all handled by Moonpig which I find is much easier.

I researched a number of companies for photography prints boxes. It wasn’t easy but I found a range of sizes that worked with my portrait sizes. I had used white ribbon and white tissue paper on the gift voucher boxes, but I found it looked a little ‘wedding’ like. So opted for a cross between Tiffany and Fortnums & Masons colour. Thanks to two lovely companies on Etsy I have gathered the materials to bring it all to life.

I have also designed some new stationary to go along side which fits beautifully within the box too. I hope you like it, let me know what you think!

New Packaging for Pencil Drawings!
Pencil Drawing Packaging Melanie's February Monthly News
Box and Ribbon for packaging
Beautifully presented box for pet portraits on Melanie's February Monthly News

Pencil Pet Portrait of Dexter

My latest pencil drawing of Dexter, is the star of my new packaging photos above. The drawing was 14 x 11 inches in size. Shading the background allows Dexter and his whiskers to stand off from the white of the paper. I love shading backdrops and it works so well for light coloured pets.

Melanie's February Monthly News - Pencil Pet Portrait of Dexter

Melanie’s February Monthly News – Walk with Lily

We have had a few sunny days which has enabled us to take Lily to the beach a few times. The photo below was taken at Llansteffan. The beach is lovely there and there is plenty of space to walk both on the beach and through the wooded cliffs past the castle.

Llansteffan Walk with Lily

It was a pretty cold day but the sky was blue which is all that matters. It creates lovely reflections in the wet sand too.

Llansteffan Walk on Melanie's February Monthly News

Oil Painting of Paddy

Nicholas completed the oil painting of Paddy this month which was commissioned by a returning client. The painting will match her portrait of Bobby which was framed in our Highgate frame. We will be framing this one, so I will take photos when it’s all complete and add it to my next blog post.

The portrait looks beautiful, Nicholas is such a talent.  I can’t wait to see the portrait and for my lovely Paddy and Bobby to be together again.
Thanks Melanie.

Melanie's February Monthly News - Oil Painting of Paddy

Mischievous and Cute Lily!

Lily has been quite mischievous of late! During the winter months we keep a cardboard box of paper by the fire to use for lighting. Instead of recycling cereal packets, I pop them in the box. In the evening, Lily sometimes decides she might like to take a sniff as to what I have put in there. This particular day I had put an empty flour bag there….. As you can see she had much delight in ripping it apart! She never eats the paper, just enjoys ripping it. She loves opening presents at Christmas… even if they aren’t hers!!!

Mischievous and Cute Lily!

We have had some chilly wet dog walks and this was after one particular soggy walk when she came in. I usually get her to lay on her bed by the radiator and wrap her in a towel if her coat is damp. She must have been tired, but there is always that naughty Tibetan Terrier eye watching our every move.

Cute Lily on Melanie's February Monthly News

Running with the Gang!

I’m feeling a lot better from whatever it was that affected me for the last 3 or 4 months. Which is great as I am back running with the gang. We all did a Parkrun on Saturday and then went to The Moody Cow after for breakfast. It was my first Parkrun and first time at The Moody Cow. The food was amazing, the pancakes delightful and a must if anyone is visiting the area. I have yet to investigate the farm shop but will go in next time. Visit the website to see what they offer.

Running with the Gang on Melanie's February Monthly News

And finally… I hope that you have enjoyed this Melanie’s February Monthly News post. I will have lots more to add in my March news. If you missed out on our long awaited catch up news from last month, head over to Melanie’s January News and take a peak at the portraits we completed over Christmas. Have a great March everyone!!

The Moody Cow Pancakes on Melanie's February Monthly News

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