Cat Drawings for Packaging

We haven’t had a blog post for a while, I have been saving lots of posts up, so we will be making up for it this week. It has been very busy around here, the renovations are coming to an end gradually. I am hoping we will only have builders here for another week and then we will be both taking a week off for the bit ‘clean up’. There is an almost never ending list of jobs to do, to get everything back to normal so we want to take a few days out to get everything cleaned, tidied, painted, cleaned….etc Nicholas has already been helping the builders out this week so he will be back to his easel shortly.

So the first blog post of the week is of two lovely cats. I was asked to draw them for a packaging company in the style of their current artists who was away on holiday. I only had a week to draw them both, A4 size on A3 paper and so I did quite a bit of overtime to get them finished. I can now reveal them as they have been accepted and hopefully will be on cat food packing within the coming months. I hope you like them!

I have a lovely portrait to post next of one of Nicholas’ paintings framed so stay tuned…..



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