Pet Portrait of Les and Alfie

Welcome to the Pet Portrait of Les and Alfie. Kerrie and her mum emailed us to see if we would be able to paint a portrait of Kerrie’s dad and their dearly missed and much loved dog Alfie. They had seen a portrait Nicholas painted of a man with his dog on a boat on our website and hoped we could create them a portrait along the same lines.

Kerrie’s dad Les was going to be 65 and he was also retiring. So they commissioned Nicholas to paint a portrait for them as a joint present. Kerrie emailed us their favourite photo of Les with Alfie however they were sitting in a car park. We chatted at light what we could add in the background and we came up with a beach scene, not far form where they live that would mean a lot to Les as it was where he would walk Alfie on occasion. So after creating a mockup, and perfecting the design, Nicholas paint the portrait that you can see below.

The portrait has been painted in oils on Italian linen canvas at 16 x 12 size. I have added some photos of the portrait with Nicholas’ hand holding his brush. Our readers can see the scale of the painting.  The portrait was also framed using our traditional flat frame too with inner linen  slip. If you scroll down you can see photos, including some Kerrie took when the portrait was displayed on their wall. Les was over the moon with the painting.

Pet Portrait of Les and Alfie – Happy Clients

Photos from Kerrie  of the portrait displayed in their home…

Pet Portraits Happy Clients

Pet Portrait Photos

Here are some close up photos of the portrait with Nicholas’ hand on to show scale. You can see how much detail there are just in Les’ boots. They are the perfect colour, shape and texture, even down to the laces.

Pet Portrait of Les and Alfie

Even though les was looking down in the photo, you can see how much detail Nicholas was able to add into the face of Les. It’s still recognisable as being him. Often portraits with people in like this are better than having them face on. Just to give an impression, we are looking at a moment in time when Les was sharing a moment with his dog. It’s a really special moment which we have hopefully captured forever.

Pet Portrait of Les and Alfie

If you would like a portrait similar to this, perhaps you have a really special photo that you would like immortalised into paint on canvas, please drop us a line. We can let you know your options for a beautiful painting. Email us or WhatsApp us from our website, you can even send us your photos too.

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    1. Hi Fiona! So lovely to hear form you and thank you so much for your lovely comments on Alfie and Les painting. We hope that you are doing well and you are busy with paintings! Melanie x

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