Bank Holiday Weekend – Cors Caron

It has been a bank holiday weekend here in the UK and we had a friend to stay from the south of England for the long weekend. Our friend is a gardener by trade and he very kindly offer to cut our hedge and chop up some wood with his chainsaw. He is a very handy person to know!

On Monday we all visited a beautiful natural reserve a few miles from here called Cars Caron. It is a natural bog which has built up over 12,000 years. It was formed when the glaciers melted in the last ice age. It left a huge lake of water which eventually filled with vegetation and sediment, which in turn created a peat bog. The peat was dug for many years until the 1960’s for fuel, which has left small ponds and lakes behind. Perfect habitat for wildlife!  So much so, that we definitely weren’t expecting to see the amount of wildlife that we did.

The lizards fascinated us the most, they didn’t seem to mind us taking photos and were sunning themselves along the boardwalk.  I managed to get some lovely photos, even though I only had my iPhone with me, it captured them well. The first photo being my favourite below. The lizards we have here aren’t very big, they grow to around 15cm which was about the size of the male below. We don’t have any exotic creatues here in the UK, these are just ‘common lizards’ but beautiful all the same. We also saw an abundance of Dragonfly and Damsel fly. I did get a couple of photos…but they don’t sit still for long thats for sure!

Its definitely a place that we will go back to, particularly as we could take Lily too, which wasn’t at all bothered with looking at the lizards! We hope you like the photos!


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