Pet Portraits FAQ’s

Good Morning everyone on this lovely Sunday morning and welcome to our post all about our Pet Portraits FAQ’s! This past week has been busy and I have lots of blog posts to follow. My first post though is about our updated Pet Portraits FAQ page. We have been inundated with enquiries in the last couple of weeks, as of course Christmas is on the horizon. So we are starting to receiving the usual enquiries for Christmas portraits. Some of our visitors haven’t found everything they are looking for on our website, no doubt in haste. So we have updated our FAQ page which we hope will help our visitors find everything they need. It will also allow me to email the link to potential clients so they can use it as a starting point to find out about how the pet portrait process works. We are fully booked for Christmas and taking bookings for the early part of 2018.

So if you are new here, head on over to our Pet Portraits FAQ page and hopefully it will give you all of the information you are looking for. We have also had a bit of a rearrangement on our main sites navigation – Plus! We added a new page and a new service too. Blog post on that coming soon!

The weather isn’t that bad today however, we have storms forecast here tomorrow with 60mph winds. We live rurally, as many of our readers know and we have a little studio down in our woodland garden…surrounded by trees! So we are hoping that the weather doesn’t make us retreat back to the cottage for too long when the main storm hits. We are very safe in the cottage, its built of stone and study stuff, however our studio on the other hand is made of wood! So we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that it all passes without any issues. I am currently backing up my computer with important work just in case of any power surges etc as they do forecast thunder too.

My next post will be of my latest pencil drawing…so stay tuned!


Pet Portraits FAQ's

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