New Studio Sofa and Website Updates

Welcome to our New Studio Sofa and Website Updates post! We have a new studio sofa! It has actually been here for just over a month however with the build and getting organised I hadn’t been able to take photos until now. So along with the new about us pages for the cottage renovations we also added a number of new photos to our studio page >>

We opted to go for a two seater leather club style sofa. Perfect for muddy dog paws and the colour and feel blends seamlessly with our studio floor and plan chest. The Mother-In-Laws tongue has done really well down here this summer, we bought it down from the cottage during the build and it flowered in the studio this year so I think it will end up staying. It probably needs a bigger pot soon..if anyone would like any cuttings they know where to come!

New Studio Sofa and Website Updates

Website Updates

Over the last few weeks I have been getting on with website updates in my spare time. Our poor websites have been sorely neglected this year and so I have started to update our main pet portraits site. It is now complete!

I have also renewed the oil portraits gallery along with adding lots more portraits to my pencil portraits gallery. Each gallery has unique paintings and drawings in, no two galleries have the same artwork! I have also laid everything out slightly differently and am really pleased with the results. I also updated our commissions info page. It was quite a bit of work but well worth it. I just need a little more spare time to start updating our other sites now….!

New Studio Sofa and Website Updates

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