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Boxer Dog Pencil Portrait of Milo

Welcome to my Boxer Dog Pencil Portrait of Milo. Returning client Catherine Cave commissioned a pencil drawing of Milo in 2014. Sadly Milo had to be put to sleep so Catherine thought a portrait woudl be the perfect gift for her husband on his birthday. This was Catherines first email…

Hi Melanie,
I am very keen to have a pencil drawing done of our boxer dog Milo. We sadly had to have Milo put to sleep this year at the age of six due to an aggressive inoperable tumour. I would love to get a pencil drawing of him as a surprise for my husbands Christmas gift. I love the look of your work and I’m very excited. Look forward to hearing from you.
Catherine Cave

The drawing is a 12 x 10 on Italian paper and I have also added photos fo the portrait with my pencils below. Catherine emailed when she saw the final scan. I hope you like it too!

Hi Melanie, wow – thank you SO much it’s perfect! How very talented you are! So excited to see it! Catherine xx

Boxer Dog Pencil Portrait of Milo

Boxer Dog Pencil Portrait of Milo – Photos

here are a few close up photos of Milos pencil portrait, also with my pencils on to show scale. The portrait was a joy to create and I always feel the photos show my portraits far better than actual scans.

Boxer Dog Pencil Portrait of Milo

Boxer Dog Pencil Portrait of Milo

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