Bulldog Oil Portrait

Welcome to our Bulldog Oil Portrait of Otis. This portrait was commission day returning clients in the USA. Harlan Crow and his family wanted an oil painting of their beautiful Bull Dog Called Otis.  The family took lots of photos fo Otis in their garden. They then also supplied us with a photo of their lake in the grounds of their home. They wanted this to be the backdrop of their painting. This means that the oil painting is unique and personal to the family.

Harlan Crow and family have all of the oil paintings Nicholas has painted displayed in their beautiful home in the USA. You can also see the portrait of black Labrador Patsy in more detail along with the hand carved frame on Pasty’s dedicated page – Dog Oil Portrait

Bulldog Oil Portrait

Bulldog Oil Portrait in Progress

here are a few of the stages of the portrait in progress. The first stage below is the drawing out stage and as you can see Nicholas uses a sienna wash to cover the canvas. usually it is a lot darker than this, however the portrait of Otis is overall fairly light, with a light sky behind, so it needs to be kept fairly light.

The stage below shows some colour has been added and the main tones have been blocked in. There is a lot of work to the background so this one is going to take some time to complete.

The photo below was taken while Nicholas was working on the portrait. You can see that he uses a stick so that his hand doesn’t touch the painting.

Bulldog Oil Portrait Framed

The hand carved frame is absolutely incredible and we are in awe of the craftsmanship of the carpenter. Each of the paintings that Nicholas has created have had a commissioned hand carved frame. They have personalised motifs which have meaning to the family. We love them and hope you do too!

Framed Portrait

Photos of the Completed Portrait

We often take photos of the portraits up close and in detail. It also allows our clients and readers to see what the portraits are like. Normally you would stand a few paces away from a portrait when viewing them. However we feel that by taking photos this close, it consequently allows clients to really see how much work has gone into them.

Bulldog Oil Portrait
Bulldog Oil Portrait
Portrait completed


Here is our latest video of Otis and Patsy’s painting which we took before the portraits were all packed up and ready to send to the USA.

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