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Oil Pet Portrait of Misty

Here is the oil pet portrait of Misty the King Charles Spaniel. Our client commissioned the oil painting as a surprise gift. Heather Budsworth was the lucky recipient. If you scroll down you can see lots more photos and more information about the oil painting commission. We hope you enjoy reading about Misty….

Oil Pet Portrait of Misty

Oil Pet Portrait of Misty – Happy Clients

Heather Busdworth and family have very kindly taken a photo of Misty’s painting in situ.  We love to see portraits displayed in our clients homes and therefore I have added this to Misty’s page on our website already.

Hello Melanie and Nicholas,
Attached is copy of the portrait in situ. We are thrilled with the picture.
Many thanks and best wishes,


Oil Pet Portrait of Misty – Video

Our client requested the Gold Dots frame with the inner linen slip and this time the slip has a lovely gold line which works superbly with the frame. We hope you like it.

Oil Pet Portrait of Misty – Framed

Here are a few photos of the oil painting of Misty framed. This frame is actually now discontinued however our framer purchased plenty of stock because it is a firm favourite with her clients – and ours. There are always plenty of chose when it comes to framing though. Head on over to our website to see many similar frames for our oil portraits.

Oil Pet Portrait of Misty
Oil Pet Portrait of Misty

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