Oil Pet Portrait of Boomer

Welcome to our Oil Pet Portrait of Boomer, the most recent oil painting to be completed by Nicholas. Kristian from Canada, got in touch as he wanted to commission an oil painting of his dog who had sadly passed away. he not only wanted a painting as a reminder for him, but also his girlfriend too. Deepy was really missing Boomer and so Kristian commissioned a 24 x 18 oil painting of Boomer as a central painting in their home so he could always be remembered.

Hey Melanie and Nicholas,
Wow, the finished product looks amazing. I could have never pictured it looking so detailed and accurate. I’m sure my girlfriend will love it. This past year has been difficult for her with Boomer’s passing, but hopefully this will help, it was one of her favourite photos of him.

Oil Pet Portrait of Boomer

Oil Pet Portrait of Boomer Photos

I have also added a close up photo of Nicholas’ hand on the portrait to give the painting scale. They can show the paintings detail really well. Although you wouldn’t normally be standing or sitting this close to an oil painting. It’s always great to be able to go right up close to take a peak at the detail.

Oil Pet Portrait of Boomer
Close up of Boomers Painting

Boomer with his family!

Here is Boomer with his family! We have received a wonderful photo from our clients Deepy and Kristian. Deepy wrote a beautiful email to us which I have added below. We hope you enjoy reading it and viewing their photos.

I received the picture of Boomer a few weeks ago from my boyfriend, Kristian. It is by far the most beautiful picture I have seen! It is so accurate to how my dog looked like. The painting looks so real that it makes me emotional every time I glance at it. What an amazing gift that I will cherish for the rest of my life because I really don’t think it will ever be topped. Thank you for helping us honour Boomer’s life, he will always be missed and never forgotten.
Thank you,
Deepy Sidhu

Oil Pet Portrait of Boomer
Happy Cleints

Boomers Portrait Framed!

Portrait framed
Close up of the oil painting framed

Video of Boomer

About our Oil Pet Portraits

If you would like Nicholas to paint an oil pet portrait of your dog, you are more than welcome to email us. Clients commission him to paint dogs from all around the world. As you can see from the oil portrait of Boomer, his paintings are not just a copy of a photograph, they are much more than that. A work of art that truly captures the spirit of your dog.

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