Horse Oil Portrait of Leah

Welcome to the Horse Oil Portrait of Leah. June Foster emailed to find out if we would be able to create  portrait of her daughters horse for a very special up and coming birthday. June’s initial email was as follows…

….I  have seen on your website and that you paint and draw horse portraits. I’ve attached a few photos of a horse my daughter owned, thinking of getting a painting done for her 21st Birthday…..

We were delighted to work with June and the photo that they emailed of Leah was fabulous. Perfect for an oil painting. Amy was in on the surprise and was delighted too. We all agreed that the size for the portrait should be 14 x 11 size and it turned out beautifully. Nick has created a lot of detail on the painting particularly on the tack. They look very three dimensional. June and her daughter Amy emailed when they saw the final scan…

Hi Melanie, We absolutely love it! Nicholas has done a fantastic job and Leah looks beautiful. Very happy with your choice for the frame as we are sure you know what will be the right match for the painting. Thank you so much
June and Amy

Horse Oil Portrait of Leah in Progress

Here are a few photos of the oil painting in progress. It starts with the initial early stage and then the final photos below show the portrait at the near completion stage. You can also see Nicholas’s had with his brush for scale.

Oil painting in progress

As you can see in the photos above and below, this shows the very early stages, so the paint you see here will all be covered. Nicholas layers his paint and so the under stages are a really important base.

Horse Oil Portrait of Leah

In the photos here, you can see the layers are coming along beautifully. It’s all about making sure everything is solid and realistic, with lots of three dimensional form. The fine details then come at the end.

Early stage of the oil painting

Horse Oil Portrait of Leah – Happy Clients

June and Amy very kindly emailed us a photo of the painting now its displayed in their home. June emailed me this fantastic email yesterday and we would officially like to thank her for taking the photos and allowing us to use it on our website.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Amy is so happy with her painting. We have it in our kitchen this is the room we spend most of our time in and it’s amazing how much we look at her!
Thank you again
June and Amy

Horse Oil Portrait of Leah


Finally here is our latest video of Leah’s painting. We hope you have enjoyed reading about our Horse Oil Portrait of Leah and if you would like to commission an oil painting, please drop us a line. Don’t forget to send us your photos too either via email or message them to us.

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