Pencil Portrait of Three Dogs

Welcome to my pencil portrait of three dogs called Dexter, Tui and Purdy. Heather, my client commissioned a drawing as a surprise for her mums birthday. She had one particular photo she knew her mum loved that was on her Facebook page. The photo showed all three dogs really well and luckily enough it was good enough to work from. This was great as it didn’t ruin any surprises or any need to start taking new photos of the dogs. Otherwise it could have roused suspicion.

Dexter, Tui and Purdey were a joy to draw. The pencil portrait was a 24 x 18 drawing on Italian Fabriano paper and here is a finished scan of the drawing.

Pencil Portrait of Three Dogs

Three Dog Photos

Here are a few photos I took of the portrait before framing. The drawing has my pencils on to show scale, this helps to give an idea how large the drawing was. a portrait of three dogs full body fits really well on a 24 x 18. The perfect size!

Three dog drawing
Pencil Portrait of Three Dogs

Pencil Portrait Framed

Here are some photos of the portrait framed. The first photo shows the portrait in our studio ready to be packed and sent to Heather. The frame works beautifully with the portrait and the mount works well also. If you have any questions about framing my drawings, please do ask. If your framer also need to ask any advice i am always available to chat.

Portrait in the studio

The mount / Matt chosen for this portrait was a textured double mount. The undermount is plain, the top textured. This adds depth to the framing and a little bit more interest and style to the overall feel of the framing.

Pencil Portrait of Three Dogs

Aren’t the colours of the frame stunning! Its a kind of cross between a gold, bronze and also with aged blue tones in the frame. What you need with a frame and mount / matt is for it to compliment the drawing and not take over the artwork, especially if there is quite a lot going on in the drawing. Ideally you also need to look at the artwork first and the frame second. I think this frame does that. Its classy and classic without being too overpowering.

Pencil Portrait Framed

Also this portrait, being a large size, needed a good sized frame, but again nothing overpowering in size. It’s pretty much the perfect size for the artwork.

Framed Portrait

Pencil Portrait Video

Here is a video clip of my latest pencil drawing of the three dogs Dexter, Tui and Purdy. The quality isn’t great but it gives you an idea of what the portrait is like, hopefully!

Finally I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my pencil portrait of three dogs. If you have a similar portrait that you are thinking of commissioning, please do let me know. Try to find some photos that you feel would work well together, especially if you would like a multiple dog portrait. I can create a design for you to see and you can also let me know your ideas too. Contact me via my contact page and also via Whatsapp too.

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