Dog Oil Portrait of Ted

Welcome to the latest dog oil portrait of Ted. Nicola, a returning client from Cardiff, commissioned a portrait of Ted the Dachshund in oils on canvas. She wanted it to match portraits she commissioned of her other Dachshund at this age.  The portrait is 14 x 14 size on canvas. It was the perfect shape to work with a photo Nicola had taken of Ted on her sofa.

Ted’s eyes really melt our hearts. They just followed us around the studio. We also just wanted to pick him out of the canvas and cuddle him.

I have added the final scan below and a photo of Nicola and Nicholas with Teds painting. Nicola came to visit the studio to collect the portrait. You can also see photos of the portraits stages and read more studio news below too!

Dog Oil Portrait of Ted

Dog Oil Portrait of Ted – Happy Clients

Our client Nicola came to collect her portrait from our studio. It was a beautiful sunny day so we took photos out side in front of the studio. You can see both Nicola and Nicholas with the painting below.

Dog Oil Portrait of Ted

Studio News

Finally Leigh our lovely roofing chap has been here working on our studio. He is to put a new layer of felt over our roof and make a few alternations. He will complete the studio tomorrow and then move to our tool shed roof which has been leaking over the winter. I took a photo which you can see below. Now the spring is coming, I really need to try to get some time out in the garden. It needs the leaves cleaning and a tidy. We are so busy in the studio though that’s the most important! I have just taken a photo so you can see how its coming along.

Dog Oil Portrait of Ted

Here is a photo when the roof was all complete. A huge thank you to Leigh for doing this for us, it will hopefully keep us warm and dry for the next 10 or more years! We are thrilled with the way it’s looks and much prefer the colour as it matches the windows. Leigh is always very busy and in demand with his roofing, however if you are local to us and would like his detailed, please let us know.

Dog Oil Portrait of Ted

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