Pencil Pet Portrait of Tess

Welcome to my Pencil Pet Portrait of Tess, a very happy Labrador. The portrait of Tess was commission by a returning client who wanted a drawing of her sisters dog. The family were all heading over to Spain where Tess lives and wanted to give it as a birthday surprise. Happily I managed to get the portrait all completed and framed just in time for their holiday!

Katie emailed when she returned from Spain to let us know her sisters reaction, and she was delighted. If you would like to see the oil painting Nicholas created, head over to see Katie’s commissioned portrait of Maco, Rex & Rosie. They were three beautiful Labradors in their garden which you can see on their own blog page. Katie also commissioned the oil painting as a surprise gift for her husband. Happy clients are our top priority! You can read a quote from Katie and see the pencil portrait of Tess below.

Just a note to let you know that my sister was thrilled with Tess. When she opened it she said straight away – “Tess”! So thanks so much!

Pencil Pet Portrait of Tess

Often the drawings show better in the more candid photos, like the two that I have taken below. Somehow they are more dynamic and show more how the drawing looks in real life. I always try to add my pencils in to give a bit of scale. This way clients or prospective clients can see how large or small they might want their own drawing. They can also cut some paper out at home and compare it to an average pencil size.

Pencil Pet Portrait of Tess
Pencil Pet Portrait of Tess

Pencil Pet Portrait of Tess – Framed

Here are a few photos of the portrait framed. The colours of the mount are just perfect, it is overall very natural and also compliments not only the frame, but the tones of the portrait too. We have plenty of information regarding what to do when taking your pencil drawing to be framed. If clients have any questions they can email us at any time. We are always happy to help guide, plus framers can also get in touch too.

Drawing of Tess Framed

If you would like a pencil portrait of your Labrador similar to the drawing of Tess, please drop me a line. I would love to work with you on a portrait. Whether it is for a special gift for a family member or for yourself. Finally, let me know your ideas!

portrait of Tess framed

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