Horse Pet Portrait Montage

Welcome to Jasper’s horse pet portrait montage pencil drawing, the latest drawing to come off my easel. My client Richard contacted me enquiring about a montage pencil portrait of their horse called Jasper, that sadly had put to sleep that very same week. It must have been a hugely emotional time for them all. Richard’s family were devastated as Jasper had been with them for a very long time. He was a much loved horse and also very important family member.

Richard knew exactly what he wanted for the portrait – a montage drawing at 16 x 12 and he had the perfect photos for me to work with. He had been looking at all of the photos they had of Jasper and found ones with true meanings to the family. Bring all those photos together in a drawing and you have the start of something very special. Richard also decided he wanted to present the drawing as a surprise for his wife on their anniversary.

I thoroughly enjoyed drawing Jasper and Richard was thrilled when he saw the final scan. We also framed the portrait for Richard too which you can see below.

Hi Melanie
What can I say but that’s is amazing I don’t know how you do it. Definitely no changes needed. I just know that laura will love it.
Thank you so much

Jasper's Pet Portrait Montage

Horse Pet Portrait Montage Happy Clients

Laura was so kind in that she emailed me a lovely photo of her portrait all framed and displayed in her home. She also emailed me a lovely email which you can read below.

Hi Melanie,
Rich surprised me with my portrait of Jasper today. It’s absolutely amazing!! I love it!!
I had Jasper for over 15 years and knew every marking and hair like the back of my hand and you’ve captured them all perfectly, thank you so much. It’s wonderful!
Thanks again
Laura x

Jasper’s Portrait Framed

The photos of Jasper’s portrait framed and ready to send to Richard is below. The frame works really well for this portrait and will be really eye-catching in my clients home. Plus it also goes with their other framed portraits too.

Jasper's Pet Portrait Montage

I really hope you enjoyed reading about Jaspers portrait. If you also have a horse that you would like a drawing created of, please get in touch. Id love to work on a drawing for you and your family. Clients have plenty of options, from a head study, a full body, a fully scenic background or a montage like Jaspers drawing. No two portraits are the same, they are all unique.

Jasper's Pet Portrait Montage

Finally, if you would like a montage drawing, why not email me a selection of photos and let me know your ideas. I can create you a mock up as well as giving you a number of options and we can go from there. Or alternatively you can text or WhatsApp me at anytime.

Jasper's Pet Portrait Montage

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