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Cat Drawings for Packaging

Welcome to my two cat drawings for Packaging. I was contacted by a pet food company to draw two cats for packing. They needed to drawn to at size in the style of their current artist. Their artist was away on holiday and they needed two drawings created as soon as possible for deadline.

Even though I was tempted at the time of the company calling, I initially said that I was unable to do it. They had given me a window of 7 days to complete both portraits in. I always have a waiting list and work on a first come first serviced basis. Plus we were in the middle of renovations and chaos in the cottage. I felt that I was unable to spare the extra time in the studio. So I emailed a reply and wished them well. I said that it would be a wonderful opportunity for another artist, however I was unable to under take the commission at such short notice.

A few days went by and we had a telephone call to the studio which Nicholas answered. He was unsure why they were calling again. However! The company had been looking around the internet at pencil portrait artist during that time. They just hadn’t found anyone that could either fit the bill or complete the drawings in time and really wanted me to do it. They gave me an offer I just could not refuse! So I聽did 7 days of overtime to complete the drawings for them!

The other artists drawing style was a little looser than mine, however I feel I match it well and hopefully the portraits will be on cat food packaging in 2018. I hope you like them!



Cat Drawings for Packaging

Cat Drawings for Packaging

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