Horse Portrait in Pencil

Welcome to my latest horse portrait in pencil of Favorite! Carrie from Sydney, Australia, emailed to ask if I would be able to draw her sisters horse called Favourite as a birthday surprise. She had one particular photo she loved and wanted me to use for the basis of the drawing.

Carrie decided she wanted the portrait drawn at 14 x 11 inches. I suggested to Carrie that it would be great to include the dappled shaded background, to allow Favorite to stand out due to the light coloured coat. We could also include all of the lovely light within the scene without worrying about loosing Favorites outline in the background.

I think the overall outcome of the shaded drawing works really well and shaded background give an added depth to the artwork. Scroll down to read carries reply when she saw the completed portrait…

Horse Portrait in Pencil

OMG it looks stunning!! Tarryn is going to love this so much! I can’t believe how well it has turned out with the framing, it is so beautiful. I really can’t wait to show her.聽Thank you so much Melanie, this is the best birthday gift ever 馃檪
Thank you and speak soon,聽

Horse Portrait in Pencil of Favorite

Favorite’s drawing works beautifully with the Windsor Wash frame and the double mount of hayseed and pale grey. The engraved plaque is also beautiful. It has to be my favourite plaque to be commissioned from our engraver so far! The shape is fantastic, with the detail border line and the text is completely balanced. The silver colour we chose works so well with pencil drawing too.

Horse Pet Portrait of Favorite

Finally I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my most recent horse portrait in pencil of Favorite. if you have a horse that you would like me to portray please do let me know. I’d love to work with you on your own portrait soon!

Horse Portrait in Pencil

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