Sinuses and Christmas Trees

Welcome to my post all about Sinuses and Christmas Trees. Bizarre you are thinking! It’s been quite a while since I sat in my lovely little studio and tapped away on my keyboard. I have been unwell this week with a sinus infection. It actually started three weeks ago, however I wasn’t absolutely certain what it was and of course I worked through as I wanted to make sure all of our clients received their portraits in good time for Christmas.

However symptoms worsened and I’m on a second week of antibiotics and medications which hopefully are working now. I have felt completely under the weather and quite dizzy. Enough to stop me from working! It is pretty unusual for me to not be working…..or even thinking about work! So huge apologies to our clients who have been having very delayed emails lately.

Just prior to being unwell however, we did head out and buy our Christmas Tree and decorate it. It is really lovely and has quite taken over the cottage! The christmas fairy only just about fits between the tree and our ceiling and beams! We have been having fun with the Philips Hue lighting and have given everything a warm glow. Im sure we will venturing into reds and greens for Christmas day! Scroll for more photos and more about Lily…

Sinuses and Christmas Trees

Sinuses and Christmas Trees – and Lily

Lily is very good, she never touches the tree…..although I have had to move a present for her under the tree that a friend has given her. She thinks it smells just toooo good! We did go to our dog club Christmas meal however I wasn’t well enough to attend the last day of training. The day where they have fun and games in the field followed by food and mulled wine.

Lily received her end of year present from them though bought round by a very good friend. Lily was thrilled and although I didn’t let her have all of the treats at once. She was allowed a few…and the bag! The bag smelled so lovely, she decided to make sure that she had actually eaten everything inside. She just had to pop her head right in to make sure. I managed to get a couple of photos of her whilst laying on the sofa, which I have added below.

Sinuses and Christmas Trees
Sinuses and Christmas Trees

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17 thoughts on “Sinuses and Christmas Trees

  1. What a heavenly spot to spend Christmas. I can see that your doggy is enjoying it! Sorry about the sinuses (my daughter was similarly afflicted), and hope you’re better by the time you read this.

    1. Thank you Kathleen, I have come to realise many people have suffered with it and one that seems to take a while to recover. I feel for anyone who has had it in the past! Sending our very best wishes to you and your family for Christmas and all the best for a wonderful and happy 2018! Melanie, Nicholas and Lily xxx

  2. You are both so inspiring: you found time earlier in the year to send this amateur artist a detailed reply to a technical question (to which I had no right to expect a response). Thank you so much, and I wish you every happiness and success in 2018.

  3. What unfortunate timing having sinusitis at this busy time but glad the antibiotics are working.
    Best wishes to you both for a very happy Christmas and a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

    1. Hi Kirstie, Thank you for your lovely message and well wishes. Sending very best wishes to you all too, have a wonderful Christmas and we will be in touch in 2018!
      Melanie, Nicholas and Lily xx

  4. Melanie, please consider toxic mold illness as the cause of your dizziness and sinus problems. Hope I’m wrong. This mystery illness afflicts thousands of people …like my BFF who has been struggling with it. Unfortunately, the medical community is almost totally ignorant of this illness unless you go to an environmental specialist. If you don’t get better soon, going to a specialist might be a good move.

      1. Hi Melanie,
        You’re very welcome. I’m so glad you’re going to research toxic mold illness and I’ll pass along your well wishes to my friend. My best wishes for your speedy recovery no matter what the cause.


      1. Don’t think Christmas trees can actually cause mold toxicity but it can make it worse. Please stay on top of your situation as early detection is very important. Good luck and let us know how you progress.

  5. All illnesses nowadays seem to last longer than in the old days. I caught the flu (which lasted three weeks), most likely on flights I took to get to London, which was a real annoyance as I had to travel to Paris as well.
    Get well soon. The three of us in Crete wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Naturally Leon sends his 😘😘

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