Horse Oil Painting of Remy

Welcome to the stunning horse oil painting of Remy which has recently come off of Nichola’s easel. Remy’s horse oil painting was commissioned by a returning client, Marianne from Canada. Marianne had acquired a new horse that she wanted Nicholas to paint at the same size and dimensions as her other portraits. 

The portraits are painted in oils on chunky linen canvas to the size of 18″ x 14″ and Nicholas has painted the edges so that our client was able to display the portrait without framing.

Marianne emailed us some wonderful photos of Remy and she had one particular favourite photo that she wanted us to use. It was all agreed and we painted it as you can see in the final scan below. Marianne loved it…however asked for one final addition. Scroll down to see!

Horse Oil Painting of Remy

Marianne realised that all of her other horses were wearing beautiful halters and she wanted Remy to be wearing his too. Lucky we had photos of Remy wearing the halter in a very similar pose for reference. So, Nicholas was able to add it into the painting once it was all complete. You can see I have added a second scan to show you Remy with the halter. We have also added a testimonial from Marianne below.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
The painting arrived and it’s beautiful.  It’s really a very real portrait of Remy, it looks just like him. Thank you both again for doing such a great job.Take care,

Horse Oil Painting of Remy

Horse Oil Painting of Remy – Happy Client Photos

Marianne very kindly emailed us a fantastic photo of all of her portraits displayed in her home…we love them! If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see the three horse portraits Nicholas painted a few years ago sat on our garden bench in the sunshine.

Forgot to send this. They’re displayed down a long hallway in a rustic house.

All of the horse oil paintings in Mariannes home

Remy’s Painting in Progress

Here are a few photos of the portrait of Remy in progress. The very early stages are superb and we love them. Shame this stage is all covered! You can see some of the photos capture Nicholas with his brush in to show scale.

Horse Remy in Progress

Here is a close up of the canvas, you can also see these are chunky canvas to match Marianne’s other paintings. These are great to use if you are displaying your oil painting unframed. It really makes a statement.

Horse Oil Painting in Progress

Here is a photo taken when the portrait was pretty much complete. You can see the lovely detail that Nicholas has created, the oil paintings take quite a long time to paint and you can see why when you look up close like this.

Horse Oil Painting final stages

We also love the oil paintings with the dark backgrounds, it really brings out the subject. This isn’t suitable for all portraits of course but with some it just works so well. Just like Remy below.

Here is the portrait completed prior to putting the hardness on. As you can see at the top of the page, Marrian asked Nicholas to add the delicate halter on, so that was the next job!

Horse Oil Painting of Remy
Horse Oil Paintings – Previous Portraits

The photo below shows the three oil paintings Nicholas painted for Marianne a few years ago. Again very difficult to photograph so we took them out side on a sunny day for a photo shoot!

Previous Horse Portraits in Oils

Finally, we hope that you have enjoyed reading about the horse oil painting of Remy. If you have a horse that you would like an oil painting of, please do drop us a line and send us your photos. Let us know the size you would like and your ideas!

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