Spaniel Pet Portraits

Welcome to my latest set of two Spaniel pet portraits of Bren and Bee which I created for my client to give as a birthday surprise. Helen actually admired one of my pencil pet portraits at a friends house, you cant et a better recommendation than that! Helen had been looking for a pet portrait artist to create portraits of her spaniels for a while, however hadn’t yet found one. Her friend gave her my details and Helen got in touch!

Helen wanted to commission two separate pencil drawings of their spaniels Bren and Bree, for her husbands birthday in March 2017. We chatted on the phone a number of times about the commission and Helen took lots of new photos. She had sent a few photos through, however after seeing some mockups, she wanted to take some more, particularly of Bren. She wanted to capture his ‘look’ and expression. He also has the most wonderful mop of curly hair and it was important to capture this correctly in the photos.

I very much enjoyed drawing both Bren and Bree, such beautiful specials to draw. Plus both very different in looks too. The Spaniel pet portraits were created at 12 x 10 inches and I think they match really well together.

Spaniel pet portraits

Hi Melanie,
OMG they look amazing!!!! I love them, I think he might actually shed a tear!!
Helen x

Spaniel pet portraits

Holdups in the Snow!!

I packed them up and sent them using my usual service – Parcelforce 24hr, however we were going through an unusual snowy spell. We had Siberia weather, the UK was covered in a blanket of snow, so there were hold ups along the way. The portraits took three days to arrive to Helen and it was a worrying time for us all! They arrived safe and sound though and Helen emailed when she received them….

Got them!!! They are amazing!! Thank you so much, I will send a picture when they are up xxx

If you scroll down you will see lots more photos of the pet portraits…..

Photos of the Pet Portraits

Here are a few photos I took of the Spaniel pet portraits of Bren and Bee on my plan chest with my pencils to help show scale. I always feel that the portraits look much more natural like this. They show better than the scans because often they can look too harsh.

Spaniel pet portraits
Spaniel pet portraits

Pet Portraits Framed

Finally Helen asked if she could have her portraits framed using similar mouldings to other artwork in her home. She sent a photo of the ones she currently had to match.  My framer pretty much matched them.

Spaniel Pet Portraits

If there are frames to need matching, they can always find something similar or spot on. My framer created the frames and also the most amazing mounts which are much deeper than our usual mounts. Almost three dimensional with a bevel. I’m sure we will be using the mount system like this in future portraits.

Spaniel Pet Portraits

There are so many ways to frame my pencil drawings. If you are taking your portrait to your own local framer, they should be able to give you plenty of ideas to match your home decor. Most often the simple classic frames are the best. This way they don’t take the eye away from the drawings but enhance them.

Spaniel Pet Portraits

Happy Clients!

We received these three wonderful photos from Helen of the Spaniel pet portraits displayed in their home. We love the colour of the wall behind the drawings, it really brings out the white frames of the portraits beautifully. They also match in extremely well with the office units too.

I would like to thank Helen for taking the photos and allowing us to share them on our blog. We are always absolutely delighted when clients share the completed portraits with us. It’s lovely to see them in their forever homes and kind of completed the pet portrait story.

Finally, to view some of my other Spaniel pet portraits please do visit my pencil pet portraits website. I have drawn quite a few over the years, all very different to each other too. No two spaniels are ever the same! If you would like a Spaniel pet portrait, you can drop me a line at any time. I look forward to working with you soon.

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