Pencil Drawing Pet Portrait

Welcome to my most recent pencil drawing pet portrait of a gorgeous dog called Biscuit. I was so delighted when my client Jason sent through the photos for me to work from. From just the initial view of the photos, I knew this was going to be the most beautiful portrait.. also I knew I was going to really enjoy drawing it too. The chosen photo was perfect for a pencil drawing.

Jason commissioned the drawing as a gift for his friend as Biscuit had sadly passed away recently. He wanted to gift his friend a beautiful drawing as a keepsake. Something for his friend to remember Biscuit by for years to come.

Jason requested the portrait to be a 12 x 10 drawing which was the perfect size and shape for her. Jason is a very well known TV and Film actor here in the UK. He has worked on some amazing films around the world. I was so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with him. I thoroughly enjoyed drawing Biscuit, one of the best portraits this year.

Pencil Drawing Pet Portrait

Pencil Drawing Pet Portrait – Photos

Here are a few photos of Biscuit’s portrait on my plan chest, also with my pencils to help show scale. The photos I feel always tend to show my pencil drawings much more naturally. I think, in addition, you can get a real feel for the graphite pencil texture in them. The paper is a warm white colour which works beautifully with the graphite.

Pencil Drawing Pet Portrait
Pencil Drawing Pet Portrait

Pencil Drawing Pet Portrait – Packing

I have been experimenting with how we present our pencil portraits recently and this is a quick snap of my most recent design of packing. Biscuit’s portrait is first wrapped as I usually do, in cellophane. I then wrap the drawing in brown paper accompanied by one of our fabulous stickers on the front. I also accompany my pencil portraits with a care sheet and personal letter which you can see in the photo too. My packaging is always evolving and so if I choose another format I will post it here for everyone to see.

Pencil Drawing Pet Portrait

Finally this has been one of my most favourite portraits to draw to date. If you would like me to draw a portrait for you to give as a gift for a friend, please let me know. Together with your photos, let me know which are your favourite and we can chat about which might work best for your pencil drawing pet portrait.

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