Dog Portrait of Dessie and Jasper

Welcome to our latest dog portrait of Dessie and Jasper. The oil painting was commissioned by a lovely client here in the UK. It was to be a surprise gift for his wife on her birthday. The size was 28 x 22 inches and painted by Nicholas. Sadly Dessie the Black Labrador had passed away, however Jasper is still going strong. The dog portrait will of course not only be a wonderful present for Johns wife, but for the whole family too.

John asked if we would handle the framing of the portrait for him and we are always happy to arrange framing. We have the most amazing framers with many years of experience between them, they handcraft and hand finish all of their frames and they are exquisite.

John requested a very plain frame, without any detail or gold lines in. Our framers were very helpful in finding us the perfect frame and if you scroll down you can see lots of photos of it.

Dog Portrait of Dessie and Jasper

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,

The painting looks fantastic and can’t wait to see it for real. Nicholas has captured them perfectly. Dessie always happy and Jasper with that glass half empty look. I will call or email you when we get the painting and everyone has seen it.

Thank you very much

John xx

Dog Portrait – Engraved Plaque

As you can see from the photo below Dessie and Jaspers plaque looks beautiful. It is a mirrored bronze plaque and is also the perfect accompaniment to the portrait. Our engravers make each plaque bespoke to our clients requirements. Also if there is enough depth and not too much text, they create the additional border line around the edge, which finishes the whole thing off beautifully. We hope you like it too!

Dog Portrait of Dessie and Jasper

Dogs are undoubtedly our most frequently requested subject to either paint or draw. Our regular readers know we are completely devoted to our own dog Lily. So we fully grasp the special place these companions hold in our hearts.

Dog Portrait of Dessie and Jasper

Whether you envision a dog portrait of your canine friend as an oil painting or a graphite pencil drawing, we are both more than happy to bring your vision to life. We can create single or multiple dog portraits, and can even incorporate your dog alongside other pets.

Dog Portrait of Dessie and Jasper

Finally, if you would like us to create a dog portrait for you, please do drop us a line at any time. Send us a WhatsApp message, a text or an email. You can also go the old fashioned route and call us!! Whatever the way you choose, we look forward to hearing from you.

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