Melanie’s April Monthly News

Welcome to Melanie’s April Monthly News. We usually add photos of our little jaunts and expeditions with Lily, but like most people all over the world, we haven’t been anywhere! The weather has been absolutely beautiful here though so instead, we have been doing lots of work in the garden since our latest three week lockdown, even without getting supplies from shops.

We have been having a rabbit problem… Peter Rabbit and his pals have been sneaking into our garden through the fence and eating our plants and grass. We don’t mind that so much, but Lily is partial to rabbit droppings! This unfortunately makes her very poorly for a few days. So much so I very nearly had to call the vet a few weeks ago for her. So we knew that we had to do something.

We took a few days off from painting and drawing over the Easter break and with some good sturdy chicken fencing wire that we already had, we re-fenced a whole section of the garden which has done the trick. Peter Rabbit can no longer get into the garden and Lily is well once again. A huge job, it took a number of days to complete but well worth it.

The flowers are starting to bloom in this nice weather and I will add a few photos below, along with some photos of our two hens Bumble and Chortle.

Osteospermum - Melanie's April Monthly News
Welsh Poppy
Welsh Poppy
White Bluebell
White Bluebell
Melanie's April Monthly News
Melanie’s April Monthly News
Dicentra - Bleeding heart
Dicentra – Bleeding heart

Melanie’s April Monthly News – Pet Portraits

As well as garden work we have been creating portraits too. Nicholas has completed two paintings for birthday surprises which I can show next month and I have completed a triple cat portrait for an anniversary, again I can show that next month too. its all surprises at the moment. I did create a really lovely drawing of a gorgeous dog called Indi and my client took some photos of Indi with the portrait which i will add to my website soon. The best one is of the recipient with the portrait and Indi in the background. They were thrilled and I have added a quote from Cheryl below.

Hi Melanie 
As promised here is a picture of Indi and my partner with the portrait. Indi is 14 now and couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. Stephen was absolutely thrilled with the picture and has been busy telling everyone about it. We showed it to-our neighbour from a distance who could not believe how well you captured her expression and character.  I can’t thank you enough it’s beautiful and taken pride of place in the hall for everyone to see. You have a wonderful job  and it must be very rewarding knowing that your pictures bring such joy to  so many people, what a wonderful talent you have. Once  again a BIG thank you for the beautiful picture of Indi. We love it.
Cheryl xx


And finally the vegetable side of the gardening hasn’t been going so well. We have had two separate seed disasters so other than some Rocket, nothing is growing here. Although, the strawberries are doing well! We repotted the old plants and purchased a new variety and added them in hanging baskets all along the back of the cottage. Let’s hope they produce fruit this year!!

Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, please keep safe. Stay home as much as possible and keep well! If you missed our March Monthly news you can read it here – March Monthly News…

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5 thoughts on “Melanie’s April Monthly News

  1. Hi Melanie
    Great newsletter and great to here you and Nicholas are well. Here in the USA we slowly loosening restriction, finally! However some us have compromises in our health we must still be cautious. Sorry about Lily’s bout with rabbit dropping’s, glad she has gotten over. Sound as though you have lost sneezy, sorry to hear. Great start on the garden absolutely beautiful flowers. Anxious to how it’s progresses through the summer. Can’t wait to see the next newsletter, stay safe and busy, take care both of you.
    Best wishes
    Bob from the US

    1. Hi Bob,

      Thank you! I am so pleased you enjoyed this months newsletter. Very sadly yes I did indeed loose Sneezy this winter. Although you wouldn’t know from looking at them, my hens are getting fairly old now, they are in retirement. They rarely lay eggs, but they still enjoy their daily life and rule my garden and pretty much rule Lily too!

      I am thrilled that things are getting a little more relaxed for you there, its been a crazy time for sure. I am very much looking forward to things relaxing here too, it will be so lovely to be able to go out again.

      Stay safe and keep well!

      Melanie x

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