Melanie’s March Musings

Thank you all for visiting our blog and reading this months post about Melanie’s March Musings! Also a very Happy Easter to you all. I might be a little late with the blog this month, but better late than never!

We hope that you are able to enjoy a few days break, a long weekend, time with family or just rest up a little. March has flow by again and we actually haven’t really done an awful lot this month as we are preparing to head away for the Easter Break.

It’s also Nicholas’s birthday on the 1st of April and its the big 50 this year. So we are staying in a rural log cabin on a wildlife nature reserve and we will share photos with you all next month! Hopefully plenty of bird watching will be in store. In the mean time we have been busy creating a few portraits, some surprise ones for birthdays and weddings, so hopefully we will be able to share those after the special dates too.

Dad’s Daffs!

To give our blog an Easter touch, I have added a photo of some Daffodils my dad gave to us when we visited. They made a lovely display in our kitchen and the vase was a gift a long time ago, from an elderly neighbour who is sadly no longer with us. The colours all work really well together!

Sunday Lunch and Walk with Friends

We did manage to get out and about with friends for Sunday Lunch this month. You can’t beat a good roast and a catch up. Even though the weather was quite chilly we chose a good day to head out as it was dry and sunny at times. We were able to walk along the coastal path… to walk off the huge meal!! I also couldn’t resist adding a photo of our pud! Sticky toffee pudding, toffee sauce and ice-cream. Definitely one of our favs.

Sunday Lunch Walk
Melanie's March Musings
Sticky Toffee Pudding

New Hair Day and a Sleepy Lily

I had my hair cut a few days ago ready for heading off on holiday so took some photos with Lily. She had been busy that day with Nicholas and so was really tired by the time I had come home. She was almost too tired to model with me! But she managed it and then sniffed my nose…. so cute!

Melanie's March Musings
New Hair day with Lily the Tibetan Terrier
Melanie's March Musings

Llansteffsan Walk

We also took a quick trip to Llansteffan after Lily’s regular vet check-up. Mainly to give her some pleasure time after being sat in the vets waiting room for nearly an hour to be seen. They must have had some kind of emergency in there. So Lily had sat very patiently even though she absolutely hates the vets. She very much loved her run on the beach as you can see from the video below. We hope you enjoy watching it!

Melanie's March Musings
Llansteffan Beach

And Finally..

Thank you for reading Melanie’s March Musings! That’s about as exciting as its been here this month, we really haven’t done a great deal. Next month will be much more exciting with our little trip away, plus hopefully better weather! If you have missed our latest business blog post about Light and Shade in Paintings and Drawings, head over to read that too. We hope that you are all keeping well and we will see you next month!

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  1. I never thought anything could upstage King Chinook, but Cosmo is serious competition!! What a face! LOL!! Another great drawing Melanie!

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