Flat Coat Drawing of Saffy

Welcome to my Flat Coat drawing of Saffy in pencil on paper.  Saffy was commissioned by Tara who is based in Sweden. I was so thrilled when Tara emailed as I absolutely love drawing Flatcoated Retrievers, they are one of my favourite breeds to portray. I have drawn quite a few over the years and you can see just a few of my flatboat drawings on my pencil pet portraits website. Tara wrote…

….Have just spent a happy half hour looking at your beautiful drawings and Nicks beautiful paintings. I would like to commission a pencil drawing of our dog – a black flat-coated retriever called Saffy, for my husband’s birthday, Magnus’s in Jan….

We were so thrilled to read that Tara enjoyed viewing our website and even more thrilled she loved our artwork. Tara had a few photos already however they wernt suitable for a portrait. Tara was happy and willing to do a special photoshoot with Saffdy though. When she emailed the photos through this is what Tara said…

….Photoshoot today in temperatures of -20C, model did not complain! Photographer and her assistants now quite rosy cheeked!

We cant even begin to imagine those cold temperatures! We were so pleased to see the photos and they were absolutely lovely. Tara has one particular fav route and this is the one I worked from for the portrait.

Flat Coat Drawing of Saffy – Happy Clients!

The drawing was a 10 x 8 pencil and you can see the finished drawing below. Tara messaged me when she saw the final scan and you can read Tara’s email below. We hope that her husband Magnus had a wonderful birthday and that Saffy approved of her portrait too!


Hi Melanie

This looks really lovely – thank you. I have sent the final payment – hope it arrives!

Really excited to get it “in the flesh”

Best wishes


Flat Coat Drawing of Saffy

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