Black Labrador Oil Painting of Wilson

Welcome to our latest blog post about our Black Labrador Oil Painting of Wilson. Debbie White, a returning client and proud owner of a delightful black Labrador named Wilson, shared numerous photographs in the hope of commissioning a pet portrait for her husband’s birthday. Wilson, known for his affinity with water, was often found frolicking in it.

She provided an ideal photograph of Wilson standing in the river, and using this photo, supplemented by several other reference images Nicholas was able to create a beautiful painting for Debbie and her family. The artwork, measuring 18 x 14 inches, beautifully encapsulates Wilson’s spirit and love for water.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas, 
Please be advised Wilson’s painting arrived safely. It is better than I could have ever imagined. You have captured him superbly and a tear has been brought to my eye as it is undoubtedly Wilson. A dog who is very badly missed but will stay close to our hearts especially being able to see him everyday in your painting. Thank you so much
With very best wishes
Debbie x

Black Labrador Oil Painting of Wilson

Debbie commissioned this oil portrait as a surprise gift for her husband. The joy and surprise on her husband’s face upon receiving it can be seen in the photograph below. This painting not only serves as a testament to Wilson’s lively character, additionally as a cherished memory for Debbie and her husband.

Happy Client with the oil painting of his Black Labrador

Black Labrador Oil Painting of Wilson – Framed

We helped Debbie frame the painting using our local framer and she opted to have the Traditional Flat frame with a small inner linen slip. The colour of the slip brings out the shine in Wilson’s coat beautifully. You can see some really close up photos I took of the portrait in the studio this afternoon.

Black Labrador Oil Painting of Wilson
Framed oil painting of the Black Labrador Wilson

Would you like to commission an oil painting of your Black Labrador?

It’s really easy to commission a traditionally hand-painted oil portrait of their black Labrador by Nicholas. Gather and provide clear, high-resolution photographs of your Labrador. We usually ask for one main photo for the pose nevertheless, it is always handy to have others for reference. The extra images serve as reference for Nicholas so that he can capture the unique characteristics and personality of your dog.

Let us know your specific requirements and preference. Such as the size of the painting, the desired background, and any other special elements you wish to include in the pet portrait.

Once all the details are finalised, we arrange deposits and all the formalities with you. We then add you to our commissions list. Once ready Nicholas will begin the process of creating your oil painting. Throughout this process, clients may be provided with updates via email or WhatsApp with the progress of the artwork.

Upon completion of your painting, we take photos and video to show you. We packaged your painting carefully with beautiful packaging, and we often send photos to show you too. Finally, we then arrange delivery.

Black Labrador Oil Painting of Wilson

Why we love painting Black Labs!

The black Labrador is a breed that’s truly one of a kind. Known for their friendly and outgoing nature, I’m certain that Wilson was no different. They’re the kind of dogs that will greet you at the door with a toy in their mouth, ready for playtime, no matter what time of day it is. They are quick learners, eager to please, and get along well with just about everyone they meet, including other animals.

But what truly sets them apart is their love for water which unquestionably can be seen in this oil painting of Wilson. Throw a stick into a lake and they’ll leap in after it without a second thought. It’s a joy to watch them in their element and we are hoping this comes across sin the painting Nicholas has created of Wilson.

Wilsons oil painting in progress traditionally hand painted by Nicholas

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about Wilson the Black Labrador and seeing photos of the painting. Get in touch at any time if you would like an oil painting or a pencil drawing. Head over to our contact page and email or WhatsApp us your photos.

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