Pencil Portrait of Horses and Sheep

Welcome to my Pencil Portrait of Horses and Sheep. The two horses and one sheep in question are called Nancy, Doris and Swift. Joan, our returning client who is based in Australia commissioned it especially for her mum in north Wales. As the recipient was so close to us, we delivered the portrait ourselves. It’s always fantastic to meet our clients too!

The slight coincidence here is to do with the names Nancy and Doris. These are both my grandmothers names. I couldn’t believe the coincidence when Joan told me the names of them. So the portrait is very close to my heart and its lovely to think of the drawing residing not too far away from our little art studio. The pencil drawing was a 16 x 16 and it was the perfect size for the portrait.

Hi Melanie,
That is beautiful, I don’t think it needs changing at all.
Thank you so much.
Love Joan and Carwyn

Pencil Portrait of Horses and Sheep

Pencil Portrait of Horses and Sheep Commission

When you think of having a portrait painted or drawn of your pets, its easy to think of just having a head study or two. However similar to my Pencil Portrait of Horses and Sheep, it is possible to create a scenic landscape with your pets in the scene too. When you view the photo below you might not feel that it is portrait worthy, in that it doesn’t have close up details of the heads of the animals.

For something like this, it is more about the scene and collection of animals that live together on a daily basis. The portrait is more than just simply a portrait. It really is a scene. It’s about the trio being together, being company for one another and the landscape they live in.

So if you are looking at having a drawing, perhaps think about what you might like to see on your wall other than a simple head study!

Pencil Portrait of Horses and Sheep

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