Cat Portrait of Nina and Smasher

Here is my cat portrait of Nina and Smasher. Fred Nash got in touch as he wanted to commission a portrait of his nieces two cats. It was to be a surprise gift for her. Fred was a returning client of mine and therefore I was thrilled to be working with him again.

Fred only had access to a select few photos of Nina and Smasher. So it was a good job they were lovely photos of both cats! They were perfect for a portrait. Fred asked if he could commission a 16 x 12 graphite pencil drawing and you can see the results below.

Fred emailed when he saw the final scan..

Thank you for such a lovely final scan, this will be absolutely great for my niece who owns the two cats. She lives in Barcelona so I will take it out with me soon. Thank you for your time in doing this for Sue and myself.
Fred Nash

Cat Portrait of Nina and Smasher

Cat Portrait of Nina and Smasher Happy Clients

We received two wonderful photos just before Christmas from Catherine Nash. They are of her framed pencil portrait of cats Nina and Smasher. Catherine received the portrait in 2014 as a surprise gift from her uncle, Fred Nash.

Catherine has very kindly posed with Nina and Smasher and also with the portrait and sent photos for our website. We can’t thank Catherine enough for taking the time to do this for us and also allowing us to use them online. Catherine emailed which was really lovely…

Dear Melanie,
My name is Catherine Nash. My uncle, Fred Nash, commissioned a portrait of my cats (Nina and Smasher) from you. He asked me to send you a couple of photos of the portrait once it was framed. I’m sorry it took so long to send these pictures but it took a while to get it framed. Thank you very, very much for the portrait. It is absolutely stunning and captures my cats perfectly.
Best regards,
Catherine Nash

Finally if you would like a portrait of your cats, similar to the Cat Portrait of Nina and Smasher, just drop me a line. I thoroughly enjoyed drawing the cats for Fred and Nina, not only were they a pleasure to draw, its always lovely to work with returning clients. Email or message me at any time and I would love to hear form you. Don’t forget to send me your photos!

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