Exciting news revealed…..

Exciting news revealed today!! Some of our clients may know we are currently working in a lovely studio in our cottage. We renovated the upstairs of our cottage a few years ago. We revealed the old stone wall, oak beams and wooden floor which turned into a wonderful place to work. During that time we purchased a large pavilion shed. We had it put up in our little woodland area in the garden. We used it for packing the portraits and storing all of the packing materials that we find difficult to store in our cottage.

Everyone who visited has been wowed by the shed telling us that it would make a wonderful studio to work in full time. Yes it would – but only in the summer months! As you can see from the photos below it would be impractical for the winter being made from wood. It is really idyllic down there in the summer, especially in the dappled light of the trees. Listening to the birds and watching the wildlife out of the windows…it’s just beautiful.

Exciting news revealed

We knew that there would be quite a bit of work involved in upgrading the shed and not something we could do over night. It would need a lot of planning! So last month we had a site meeting with our trusty builders who renovated our kitchen for us last year. We discussed all of the ways we could tackle the job. We came up with a plan of action and the date was set. They started today!!

Exciting news revealed

We will have an insulated wooden floor, walls and ceiling. The carpenter will create tongue in groove to the inside all around the walls. New double glazed windows installed with two extra at the back of the shed. This is for the north light – very important for artists! Then we will have a double glazed door fully lockable at the front. We will also have a sink for Nick to wash his brushes and to make cups of tea. Finally we will be installing a heating system which will heat, dehumidify and air condition.

Of course the builders have only just started and it will take them a few weeks to do all of the work. Weather permitting of course. Then we will need to decorate – paint the walls, stain / varnish the floor,  put up lighting and take all of our equipment and easels down there. We are really looking forward to decorating it, my favorite part being creative. I have been designing it in my head for the last few weeks. I know the exact colour scheme I would like using Farrow and Ball Paints. Also I have just purchased ‘the’ most beautiful piece of ‘artists furniture’ for it. The reveal will be coming soon!I will create a page on our website so you can see a few of the stages along with finished photos 馃檪 Exciting times!

Exciting news revealed

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