Horse Oil Portrait of Amosite

Here is the horse oil portrait of Amosite. Mark commissioned an oil painting of their horse Amosite, to give his wife as a birthday surprise. The oil painting is 20 x 16 in size. I have collated below the final scan, the framed images and a few of the stages of the painting are below that. I have also added a video I took it just before I packed the portrait up. Mark sent a fantastic email when he saw the final scan.

Hi Guys
Wow! Looks great! I really think it captures the character of the horse & the alertness of her in the photo. Magic hands, Nicholas!
Thanks very much- my wife is going to love it!
Best Regards

Painting in progress Stage by Stage

Here are all of the stages of the portrait in progress. From the very initial stage of drawing the portrait out, to the finished stage at the bottom of the page. Plus of course the final scan above!

Horse Oil Portrait of Amosite
Painting in progress
Horse Oil Portrait of Amosite
Oil portrait in progress
Horse Oil Portrait of Amosite
close up of the portrait
Nearly complete!
Very last stage

Horse Oil Portrait of Amosite – Frame and Video

The portrait was all ready to send at this stage, plus there is also a video taken just prior to sending the portrait to our clients.

Horse Oil Portrait of Amosite

Commission your own Horse Portrait

Finally if you would like to commission your own horse portrait please do get in touch. We would love to work with you on a portrait, let us know your ideas! You can visit our contact page from our website, visit the navigation above and go to our contact page. We can be contacted via email, also via text or you can call us in normal working hours. If you have photos of your horse, please do send them to us along with letting us know the size of portrait you might like too. We can create bespoke size portraits, so you might like to have a measure of where you can display the painting in your home and we can work to that size.

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