Racehorse Oil Painting

Welcome to our latest racehorse oil painting of Merchant of Dubai, traditionally hand painted in oils by Nicholas. This has to be one of our favourite paintings to date. Returning client Richard, commissions Nicholas to paint this portrait for his dads birthday. The photo was perfect, nothing like our usual portraits to paint. For a portrait like this, photos are absolutely key in creating a good portrait and this one was no exception. Take a look at the final scan of the portrait.

Melanie & Nicholas,
Absolutely delighted by the way it’s turned out. Looks great and I’m sure my Dad will love it.
I’ve sent the payment today. Now, just can’t wait till I get to see it for real.
Many thanks again,

Racehorse Oil Painting

Oil Painting Photos

Here are a few photos of Merchant of Dubai up close an in detail during the paintings progress. All of our clients get to see stages of the portrait via email and we also post some here on the chosen portraits that appear on our blog. There would be too many to show all stages, otherwise our blog posts would be too long! This stage below is about half the way through the portrait. You also can see the main colours have been blocked in on the horse. Nicholas is working on the rider and his clothes too.

Racehorse Oil Painting

It is also important for the background to be slightly out of focus and much lighter to help give the appearance the horse is moving.

Horse Oil Painting of Merchant of Dubai

Here Nicholas is adding final details on the boots of the rider. It all takes time and the more details and fine elements within a painting, the more hours it will take to paint.


Here is a video of the portrait that I took just prior to packing. Don’t forget to subscribe to see more of our videos on YouTube.

And finally if you would like a portrait of your racehorse, please do get in touch. It might be that you belong to a syndicate and would like to club together to have a painting completed. The largest shareholder could have the original and the others could have a limited edition print on canvas. Good quality canvas prints these days are almost impossible to tell from the original.

Taking photos of a racehorse in movement is tricky, however there are professional photographers that can do this for you. We often work with them for portraits of horses. So it is important that you find one that understand why they are taking photos. If you would like us to chat to them, we will be more than happy to.

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