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Pencil Drawing of Bea

Welcome to my Pencil Drawing of Bea. Elizabeth emailed me along with beautiful photos of Bea, their families black labrador. Elizabeth wanted to commissioned a pencil portrait of Be a for her husbands birthday. I was delighted and the photo was perfect for a portrait.

I drew Bea at 12 x 10 inches which was the perfect size for her.  In addition, I have added not only a final scan below, but also photos of the drawing when complete.

If you would like to see a photo of Bea with her portrait head on over to our dedicated page Bea’s Portrait. You can also read a lovely testimonial from Elizabeth too!


Pencil Drawing of Bea – Photos

I find that taking photos of my portraits, shows them much closer to the original artwork. As you can see form the photos below it gives a much softer feel which is more how they look in real life. I add a few of my pencils along side them to show scale. I hope you enjoy viewing the photos of beads pencil drawing.

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