Pencil Pet Portrait of Floss

Welcome to my latest pencil pet portrait of Floss. Lee Snowdon contacted me to find out if I would be able to draw their beautiful black Labrador called Floss as a present for Lee’s partner. Lee had taken a wonderful photo of Floss and ll body coming towards us to ultimately was an overall long and thin photo. So it suited a bespoke size. I can draw to any size as I have both full sheets of paper and paper on a roll. The composition of the photo was fairly unusual and so it suited an 18 x 11 inches portrait. Lee emailed when he saw the final scan..

Hi Melanie,
Getting excited now on the portrait of Floss. All looks good, will be waiting in anticipation on Wednesday, can’t wait and many thanks again.
Lee x

I really enjoyed drawing Floss, such a lovely pose, and a great composition to work with. Lee was delighted with the final outcome and Floss currently resides in Cornwall.

Pencil Pet Portrait of Floss

Pencil Pet Portrait of Floss – Photos

Here are a few photos of Floss on my plan chest with my pencils to show scale. The photos show my pencil pet portraits in a much more natural way. Often far better than the final scans. The portrait of Floss is really dynamic and you can see this in the photos below.
Pencil Pet Portrait of Floss

Finally I hope that you have enjoyed viewing the portrait of Floss, and if you have a Labrador that you would like me to draw, please let me know. Send me your photos and let me know your ideas. I can work out a composition, even if its a fairly unusual one like the portrait of Floss. It makes the drawings all the more unique to you and your dog. Definitely a talking point when they are displayed in your home.

Pencil Pet Portrait of Floss

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