Labrador Dog Portrait

Welcome to the Labrador dog portrait of Zizou, Gingko & Rover. Nicholas completed a stunning painting at 30 x 24 in oils on canvas. The dogs are Rover, (grandfather now deceased), Zizou, 8yrs (son of Rover and uncle of Gingko) and finally Gingko, 3yrs, (grandson of Rover and nephew of Zizou). All are working gundogs of a very high standard. Rover has produced several Field Trial Champions including the Champions of France and Belgium.

Nicholas was commissioned to paint all three dogs in their back garden in November last year. John had some lovely photos of the dogs sitting in dappled sunshine in his garden. They were perfect for a portrait. He also had one particular photo he wanted us to use showing the bridge, pampas grass and the seating area.

We framed the portrait for John using the bespoke hand made swept frames that we commission a framing company to make especially for our clients and it worked really well with the colours in the painting.

I haven’t been able to scan this painting due to its size, however I have taken some high resolution photos today which work well for the blog and website. The photo below is perhaps a little less intense colour wise than the original painting, however it should give our readers a good overview of what the painting is like.

Labrador Dog Portrait

Labrador Dog Portrait Framed

Here is the painting of Zizou, Ginko and Rover framed. The grass and the frame seem to shimmer due to the dappled light Nicholas has painted. We are hoping it will look beautiful displayed in our clients home.

Oil Dog Portrait of Zizou, Gingko & Rover

Happy Clients

John emailed us some fantastic photos of when the painting was displayed in their home in Switzerland. They sent us a lovely email which you can read below. We think that the frame works beautifully with the wooden walls. We just love the gong too!

Dear Melanie,
Here is the painting hung in our Swiss home. Everyone in the family loves it and many of our friends love it too.
Big thank you to you and Nicholas
Best wishes

Oil Dog Portrait of Zizou, Gingko & Rover
Oil Dog Portrait of Zizou, Gingko & Rover

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