Pencil Pet Portrait of Ella

Welcome to my Pencil Pet Portrait of Ella.  David Canty commissioned a pencil drawing of his mum’s Spaniel Ella as a surprise present for her 60th birthday. He wanted his mum to choose what she wanted, so ordered one of my gift vouchers for Louise. They are perfect for allowing the recipient to choose exactly what they would like for their portrait.

Louise was delighted and got in touch straight away letting me know her ideas, as well as sending a full range of photos of her spaniel Ella. We all unanimously settled on the photo that I used below for the drawing. The portrait was created at 12 x 10 in graphite pencil which is the perfect size for a spaniel portrait. I hope you like the drawing I have created, the final scan is below.

Pencil Pet Portrait of Ella

Pencil Pet Portrait of Ella – Photo

Here is a close up photo of my pencil drawing of Ella the Spaniel. I love taking photos of my pet portrait drawings as they show the portraits in a much more natural way. They are far closer to how the originals are here in my Art Studio, so I do try to take as many photos as possible to send to my clients along with the final scan.
Pencil Pet Portrait of Ella

Happy Clients

Ella’s portrait has been framed and my client Louise, and as a result emailed me a photo of Ella hanging in situ on the wall. Its fabulous! We really love the simplicity of the frame and the inner line on the mount, it just finishes it off beautifully. I have added a testimonial from Louise below….

Hi Melanie,
I thought you’d like to see Ella framed. I am absolutely delighted. The framers loved her too and asked if I could leave her with them yesterday to have on their wall for a Google shot!
Thank you so much – I just love it.
Best wishes,

I was so excited to hear the framers also loved my portrait. Although I am wondering what a Google shot is!! Finally I really hope you have enjoyed reading about Ella’s portrait. If you would like me to draw your spaniel, please do let me know. Id love to work with you on a project for you and your family. Also don’t forget, if you are running out of time like David did in this instance, one of my gift vouchers can be the perfect choice. It means the recipient can choose exactly what they want for their portrait and also which photo is their favourite too.

Pencil Pet Portrait of Ella

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