Pencil Horse Montage of Rose

Welcome to my latest pencil horse montage of Rose. Callum emailed to ask if I would be able to draw a montage portrait of his partners horse Rose as a surprise Christmas gift.

I worked very closely with Callum and we also spoke on the phone a few times to make arrangements. We had lots of lovely photos to choose from which was ideal for this kind of portrait. However out of all of the photos, we tried to choose photos that Callum felt captured聽Rose well. It is essential to have plenty of photos to choose from to create a good design with. After creating a number of designs we settled on the finished composition which you can see below. Callum asked for a frame and engraved plaque in addition to the portrait. The portrait is聽an 18 x 14 montage drawing and Callum emailed once the portrait had arrived….

Good Evening Melanie,
Firstly, I can confirm Rose is in one piece 馃榾
Secondly, it is amazing! You have done a tremendous job, thank you!
Lastly, I totally understand what you meant regarding the bubble wrap (I beat my mum home so ended up opening it myself), must have taken half an hour to unwrap haha, good job!I am very thankful for your help throughout this project, thoroughly enjoyable.
Thanks again, hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and New Year

Pencil Horse Montage of Rose

Pencil Horse Montage of Rose – Photos

Here are a few photos of my drawing on our plan chest to show scale. As you can see there is a lot of work and hours spent on creating each study. The photos that clients send for a montage drawing still have to be really good quality. Photos are key, especially if you are looking to have a larger sized portrait like this one.

Pencil Horse Montage of Rose
Pencil Horse Montage of Rose

Commission a Montage Portrait

Here are the photos of Rose framed ready to send to our clients. If you would like to commission a pencil drawing, especially if you would like a montage drawing, please do get in touch. Montage portraits are a little more expensive than my price list, however it depends on your ideas and what you might like. You might just prefer two drawings of the same animal, perhaps of different ages. This wouldn’t be any more on the price list. However if you would like a number of detailed drawings around the centre of a larger study this will take a longer amount of time. Why not email me your ideas and I can quote you for your own unique drawing.

Pencil Horse Montage of Rose

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