Pencil Drawing of Murphy

Welcome to my latest pencil drawing of Murphy to come off of my easel. The portrait of Murphy was commissioned by a returning client called Karen here in the UK. Karen had previously commissioned a drawing of a horse called Charles as a gift for her friend. She also had a print made for herself. I am unable to create prints for clients myself, however I can email you high resolution images for you to either take to a printers or order one online. There are loads of online printing companies these days with also lots of choice for paper. Some of them may even offer framing too. Definitely shop around to see which would work best for your needs.

The commission Karen wanted me tt a horse, it was a portrait of her own dog. Karen’s first idea was to have a montage drawing, but sadly her photos weren’t really suitable for a montage. However there was one particular photo that was perfect for a portrait and really suitable for a single study. So we opted for a 12 x 10 pencil drawing of that one. Murphy is a beautiful little chap and I thoroughly enjoyed drawing him. I hope you like him too.

Pencil Drawing of Murphy

Pencil Drawing of Murphy – Happy Client!

Karen emailed me when she saw the final scan which you can read below..

Dear Melanie,
Thank you so much, what a stunning picture of Murphy! You have captured him so very well, it’s is lovely. I am absolutely delighted with it and am really looking forward to receiving it. I will be getting it framed in a frame similar to the picture of Charles.
Love the picture, thank you again.
Best wishes

If you would like to commission a pencil drawing either for yourself or a gift similar to Karen did here, please message or email me at any time. Take a look at my pencil drawing gallery on my website, which shows a whole host of my previous commissions. It might spark a few ideas for your own portrait. If you are looking for a montage drawing, why not have a look at one of my latest portraits of a horse called Rose in a montage style. Whatever kind of portrait you are looking at having, drop me a line and we can discuss it!

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